10 Things I Hate About Valentine’s Day

Photo Courtesy of Odyssey

Photo Courtesy of Odyssey


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If you are stuck single on Valentine’s Day, it can be a bittersweet occasion for the majority of humanity. On this holiday, over one billion greeting cards, 50 million roses, and 36 million assorted chocolate boxes are exchanged. This is one of the only days on the planet that has that many gifts dedicated to ‘love’ bought and shared. Valentine’s Day is a complete mess for those who are single or if things are not working out with your significant other. Personally, I find Valentine’s Day depressing. I often find myself, alone, eating some cheap chocolate, and crying in my room. Here are ten things I hate about Valentine’s Day:

  1. PDA

It’s pretty disgusting to witness couples locking lips on any occasion, but on Valentine’s Day, it’s gross. I can barely stomach my lunch when I see it. Especially while single! I begin to think about how lonely I am and how much I want to crawl into a hole and hide.

  1. It’s Expensive

I have no money to buy chocolate or any sweets on Valentine’s Day. So, my hopes of getting some stomach love are pretty much crushed. Send me money ASAP please.

  1. Where’s my significant other?

Valentine’s Day is pretty pointless if no one loves you (except your parents). Who really wants to spend this holiday with their parents? This is the time where I think about how lonely and un-fun my life is. My goal is to just sit and my couch and watch the notebook. I’ll be sobbing, just wait.

  1. Commercialization

Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialized holidays, besides Christmas. Commercialization is bad because we’re giving all of our money to companies whose goals are to possess us into buying more gifts. Sooner than we know, we are walking zombies whose jobs are to feed into purchasing more goods. Why can’t every day be about love and showing others you care? On any given day, you should be a loyal and a respectable human being.

  1. It’s Not Elementary School Anymore

At least at my elementary school, each kid in my class was required to give me a valentine and I was required to get everyone in my class one as well. Now, I don’t get any gifts of any sort. Those were definitely the good old days.

  1. Tacky Gifts

Whenever I walk through the supermarket, I cringe at all the cliche gifts and treats. Basically any girl or guy who is in a relationship is going to get one, or multiple of the following: a teddy bear, assorted chocolates, flowers, and jewelry of some sort. Where are the essential oils, books, and tea? If someone knew me really well, they would know that’s what I would enjoy.

  1. All The Red

In many countries, blue is seen as the color of love, loyalty, and trust. It symbolizes technically anything you want from love. So, please turn down your red because it hurts my precious head.

  1. The ‘I Forgot’ Excuse

Please tell me you didn’t walk into a grocery store in January and not see Valentine’s Day stuff all around? Lots of people use this excuse. Valentine’s Day has been literally EVERYWHERE for the past month. This is the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard.

  1. Busy Restaurants

Living in a small town, restaurants usually don’t get too busy during the week. Since Valentine’s Day lands smack dab in the middle of the week this year, you can kiss your peaceful night of eating a nice Italian dinner and dessert goodbye. All you will see are couples, and more couples, and more couples. I’m tired of it.

  1. Why Limit Love to One Day?

Loving someone shouldn’t be limited to one day. You should love them all the time and show that you do. Your significant other should feel special any day of the week!


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