Is weed what we need?


Photo by Aja Schiller

Students made a batch of weed brownies in third period cooking.

 AHS’s Intro to Cooking class is getting a curriculum makeover. Students will now be required to buy themselves an Easy Bake Oven for the course and the school will provide everything else– including the marijuana. Easy Bake Ovens are easily accessible and AHS wants the students to be able to take their oven home to continue working after class. The new curriculum is instructing students on how to make pot brownies made from Easy-Bake Ovens since the marijuana industry is growing quickly.There will also be an Ex Ed course offered to anybody who wants to learn how to make their own garden at home.

AHS has decided that to prevent drug usage, they need a different approach. The number of students using drugs has been exponentially increasing over the past five years. After trying to enforce strict drug policies with no results, the school has decided to use reverse psychology to decrease student drug use.

Blaise Dee, a sophomore, is very excited for the new curriculum and hopes that she will be able to take the class again next year.

“I guess I just really really like cooking. It’s so much fun, and like the weed doesn’t have anything to do with it. I have a passion for cooking and like… after that class, I am so chill and relaxed,” Dee said.

Students are raving about the new class and many have started bake sales to raise money for the school to continue to the curriculum.

Pat Brown has made numerous batches of baked goods for the bake sales and is loving the revenue.

“This new pot thing is great for business!” Brown said, “Bake sales are making more money than ever, and helping out the school is our number one priority. I hope that we’ll be able to make more money, and to do that, we need more baked goods.”

AHS hopes that this will better student’s futures and increases their chances of success. The school believes that the new curriculum is going to help decrease drug usage within the teenage population.

“We all love it,” Dee said. “Cooking class is my favorite part of the day. It’s like the rest of the school day isn’t even worth going to! Half the time I can’t even concentrate on cooking class”