Generation Z: The Most Impatient Generation


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Toddler playing with iPhone.

In today’s world everything is fast, accurate, and in more quantity. Smartphones send texts within seconds, the internet provides millions of answers and resources, and people have more ways to achieve their goals. Generation Z (people born since 2000), are the biggest generation so far, and with the most resources. In a generation where children have iPhones and social media, it is more likely for a child to become impatient and complain than other age groups. Whitney Thurston, a teacher at AHS, agrees that generation z has become impatient.
“I think the upcoming generation is way to impatient because you guys grew up having instant gratification through technology. My biggest fear with this impatience is that the youngest generation won’t realize how long relationships and skills take to acquire.” Thurston said.
People in Generation Z rarely have to wait for anything. If a teenager wants to communicate with a long distance friend, they do not exchange letters and wait multiple days for answers; they send a quick text that is often answered right away. Instead of a kid waiting for their favorite TV show to come on once a week at a particular time, they can stream that show on Netflix or Hulu, binge-watching the whole show.
Although things do come at a much faster pace, being impatient could be helpful to Generation Z. For example, our age group is “impatient” to have the Senate change gun control laws, or they “complain” that women and men should have equal pay. Ellie Martin, a freshman at AHS, believes that impatience can be helpful.
“In a way, it’s good that we (Generation Z) are not happy with just sitting around waiting for things to come to us,” said Martin.
Generation Z may be impatient and may complain too much, but may use that energy to change in the world.