A Hole in One for Girl’s Golf


A few members of the golf team and the coach pose for a picture in front of the score board.

After many practices and long hours on the range, the girl’s golf team is ready for their upcoming tournament at regionals.

Golf is an individual sport, so the scores are different for every player. Their team score overall has been higher than the other teams in the league; however, each tournament and practice they work to improve their skills and team score.

Zoe Guthrie is a junior on the girls’ golf team and is proud of the improvement that the team has made thus far.

“The majority of our team is made up of beginners, so there’s been a lot of progress since last year when they first joined,”Guthrie said.

Weather conditions this spring have been harsh, with snow storms hitting Aspen randomly and unexpectedly. Along with all spring sports teams, the golf team has suffered the circumstances.

“We had a lot of tough weather conditions, so my scores [have] been a lot higher than I wanted them to be and that was frustrating,” Guthrie said

Regarding the team commitment, the team has been as committed to golf as possible. It’s slightly challenging when the golf course isn’t on the school campus, where most sports take place.

“The incoming freshman and the current sophomores have worked very hard and taken the time to play golf even when we don’t have a practice which has shown in their scores as well as their overall mentality about the game,” Guthrie said.