Time to put Golden Goose in the caboose


One of the pre-distressed shoes released on Golden Goose.

The high-end clothing company, Golden Goose, just released an outrageous line of shoes that appear to be completely worn out and taped back together, receiving a heavy amount of backlash.

Shoes are a tremendous part of every-day life. Most people prefer to have their shoes look new or at least look like they’re in good condition. However, shoes are meant to be worn in, so making them a little dirty is alright.

Edie Sherlock is a sophomore at Aspen High School and appreciates shoe fashion. When purchasing a new pair of shoes, she pays close attention to shoe quality, and strongly dislikes these shoes.

“They [Golden Goose’s pre-distressed shoes] look really dirty and kind of nasty”, Sherlock said.

This isn’t just an abomination of shoes, this is an outright embarrassment for Golden Goose. A few days after the “pre-distressed” shoes were released online, the amount of dislike towards the shoes was taken into account and removed from the website (doing everyone a favor, right?).

“It doesn’t exactly show a lot of class, and [if I wore them] it would portray that I don’t exactly care about my image to other people,” Sherlock said.

Golden Goose, as a company, really focuses on the city of Venice, Italy. They attempt to capture the cities old style in the clothing they sell. The company made a statement about their pre-distressed look on their website.

The five characters, whose outstanding identities blend with the Venice scenario, represent our own idea of the living in Venice: emotional intersections, performing arts, logistic struggles, and glimpses of a usually unseen Venice beauty,” said a representative from Golden Goose.

The new ‘pre-distressed’ look has taken the world by storm, appearing in several stores (mostly foreign). It’s a style, that only if executed correctly, maybe artsy and cool. Also, a few celebrities are attempting to sport the barbaric style, such as Gigi Hadid. But not just famous trend-setters are trying out the look and wearing Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. Even students at AHS wear their shoes.

Lydia Styslinger is a sophomore at AHS who has a few pairs of Golden Goose shoes and likes the brand. However, she had a few negative comments regarding the ‘pre-distressed’ pair of designer shoes.

“I would not pay 500 dollars for that particular pair of Golden Goose shoes,” Styslinger stated. “I would never wear them.”

Shoes are meant to tie an outfit together, and nice ones (such as a pair created by a designer store), ought to look nice too. Golden Goose pushed it too far with this disgraceful pair of shoes.