Jojo Siwa: High Ponies and Wholesomeness


Photo by Tessa Guthrie

Array of Jojo products sold at Target in Glenwood, CO. Display includes Jojo doll, Jojo bows, and the Jojo slime kit.

Jojo Siwa, most commonly known for her two seasons on the television show Dance Moms, is now worth $8 million for selling hair bows. She is 15.
Although Jojo Siwa’s time on Dance Moms was short, she became known for her unique, youthful wardrobe and the huge hair bows she wore every day. After leaving the show she started making music videos that have more than 600 million views. Siwa also works with Nickelodeon, producing videos and content for them, and sells her products at Target and Walmart.
Owner of Twinkle, a local clothing store, Michele Weeks often has kids coming into her store asking if she sells Jojo bows and is fascinated by Siwa.
“She created this persona and this personality. She took a big bow and made it Jojo bows, she took a regular thing and made it hers. I would compare it to tissues; a regular thing that the brand Kleenex made theirs. I don’t understand how she did it,” Weeks said.

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Jojo Siwa posing On red carpet.

The children’s clothing/toy market is a goldmine worth more than $150 billion. The appeal of Siwa is quite obvious; almost every young girl loves three things: glitter, rainbows, and unicorns. Siwa’s products are full of them. Her hair bows sell for $7.99, while her other assorted products, such as t-shirts and backpacks, sell for more. There are even Halloween costumes and dolls made to look like her.
Nine-year-old AES student, Zoe Owen, is a consumer of Siwa’s products and is supportive of her message.
“I think her style is original and unique and I still like princesses and unicorns so I can say the same. I like her because she isn’t afraid to be herself,” Owen said.
However, not everyone loves Siwa as much as the younger viewers. Many teens and adults look down upon her because she is a sophomore in high school and acts and dress much younger, sporting tutus and glitter while most kids her age wear crop tops and denim cutoffs.
“I think 15-year-olds should be wearing tutus and glitter,” Weeks said jokingly. “Most of the celebrities that teenagers look up to aren’t saying that being age appropriate is cool, they are saying acting older and being sexy is what makes you cool, and Jojo is saying it’s cool to be wholesome, nice, inclusive and to be yourself,”