Youth advocates stepping up for our futures


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Young adults are being denied the opportunity to fight against climate change and make a difference in the natural world. Our Children’s Trust, a youth group, are trying to make a stand for what they believe is right and bring attention to the issues that surround climate change to provide a better life for future generations.

On November 2, 2018, the Trump administration was denied by the Supreme Court their application for stay. However, this is not bad for the group and actually acts in their favor. The issue has been brought to court in many instances and, every time, they have been opposed by lobbyists. The lawsuit, which was first filed in 2015, is called Juliana v. U.S. It started after the group, Our Children’s Trust, found that the causes of climate change, affirmed by the government, were denying them the constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property. Alongside these rights, failed protection for public trust resources came into play.  

The group has been fighting for approval and the case has gone through eleven court dates, seven of which occurred this year. The first on March 7, 2018, resulted in a denial by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

It is hard to say whether this group will be able to get through the court and not be continually denied. Seeing as they are determined to get their rights, they could possibly manage to succeed and officially get the rights that they deserve back after climate change has taken them away.

Climate change is an issue that has been happening for years now due to fossil fuels releasing harmful gases into the air and the greenhouse effect which is the earth releasing heat that is then trapped within the atmosphere causing the earth to heat up. Many activist groups and scientists have tried to bring attention to climate change, but it’s rare that any of these attempts leave a lasting impact on the earth. Our Children’s Trust has been leaving a lasting impact on youth today and it could mainly be because if their determination.

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