Not as entitled as we seem

Aspen High School students are often stereotyped as entitled rich kids who lack manners, but the  AHS speaks otherwise about their students.

Though the perceptions and stereotypes of AHS students may not be solidifying, faculty and administration overall reflect positively on the character of the students who they interact with daily.

Anne Maloney is apart of the AHS staff and works as the attendance secretary in the front office.

“The students don’t usually disrespect me. No one has ever spoken rudely to me. They are all kind to me. If someone has something going on they may be short, but that’s not disrespectful. It’s just the flow of life.” Moloney said.

The front office has a constant flow of kids coming in and out. Working right across from Anne is Secretary Daniell Pratt. “I do have some students who come in that are a little entitled to things: they don’t ask for things, and just expect them. But I haven’t had any kids be short-tempered or rude with me,”

“For the most part, the kids at this school have a lot of integrity and character in general,” Pratt said. “I’ve been pretty impressed. I think we have higher standards here.”

Outside of the office, teachers get to interact with students almost every second of the day inside of the classrooms. Diane Godfrey is a teacher at AHS as well as a supervisor for the library.

“One of the big things I see is the lack of respect for the facility and materials that we have at school. It astounds me that some kids don’t take care of things at school because we have to share the resources.”

Godfrey believes that teaching is meant to inspire kids to learn. As a teacher she wants the kids to have a safe place to learn and grow as individuals.

“I always remember a great quote all the time as a teacher and it’s by the great American writer, Robert Frost. He was an educator at all different universities in New England. He wrote, ‘My job is I am not a teacher, I’m an awakener.”

When asked about the disrespect that students have shown Godfrey, she instead spoke about how she would rather lead by example, and be a person that students can look up to.

“That’s what it’s all about. To inspire people, and to be a good role model so that respect rubs off on everybody. If we elevate, everyone else will elevate with us.”