Aspen Students Rank top four in North America


Photo courtesy of The Nerd Mag

Pubg Mobile is nominated for top mobile game of the year.

If you want to stay up to date with some up and coming, big time video games, Playerunknown’s Battleground Mobile is the place to start!

The teens of AHS have recently become obsessed with a new mobile game called Playerunknown’s Battleground (Pubg Mobile for short). It first appeared as an online game but soon grew. It is now available on consoles and mobile devices. AHS Junior Josh George describes playing this game as “becoming fully enlightened by Buddha.”

Pubg Mobile is said to be an astounding game that students have been leaving class to play. It gives players the opportunity to play in squads of four against 100 players at once. There is also a solo mode in which one can compete to the death. Similar to older games like Minecraft Hunger Games and Fortnite, the objective of Pubg Mobile is to survive by fighting and gathering supplies.

Nick Spicer, Benpicer, Riley Johnson, and Joshua George are ranked a whopping #4 in all of North America. George says, “We are getting sponsorship offers from some really big computer brands which is really cool.” They say that they are seriously considering dropping out of High School in order to fulfill their destiny in Pubg Mobile and pursue their gaming carriers.

Nick Spicer, apart of this top ranking squad, adds, “This game is amazing and nominated for the number one mobile game of the year. I would highly suggest playing this game.”

Popular drop spots in the start of the game include the School, Pichinki, Boot Camp, Paradise Resort, and Hacienda del Patron. Go join a clan and play with your friends, or play every man for himself in this “dope” game. It will fully enlighten you by the Buddha.