Here you go, President Trump…

As I listen to an official meeting between A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher of the New York Times, and President Trump, recorded in the Oval Office on January 31, I hear a cry for recognition from President Trump as he pleads for one good article written about him in the Times. Though I don’t want to draw this drastic but very accurate comparison, I can’t help but relate this interaction to the movie The Interview which I watched only hours before. As depressing as it seems, the parallel between President Trump and Sony’s dramatic impersonation of dictator Kim Jong Un strikes an uncanny resemblance. However, as I listen to Trump’s pathetic cry for admiration, I can’t help but sympathize with him and begin to brainstorm a note of my admirations for him.

Though I am well aware The Skier Scribbler, Aspen High School’s student-run newspaper, is no match for the New York Times, I wanted to give President Trump the justice he believes he deserves – plus we all know the New York Times will not deliver. I not only wanted to acknowledge President Trump but to thank him…. Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for uniting the country… against you. Thank you for waking up the youth of this nation, such as myself, to rise up and see the great shambles of this administration. Thank you for giving We the People something to fight for–our freedom. Thank you for not ‘making America great again,’ but for allowing us to recognize our great potential. So here you go Trump… thank you.

Just one example of the great political feat Trump has accomplished in his administration thus far is the large increase in voter turnout. According to NPR, the 2018 midterm election’s voter turnout was the largest it has been in the past 50 years. Though many doubt Trump’s attempted claim to these percentages, I credit these achievements to President Trump. Thank you, Mr. President. I believe this massive increase in voter turnouts is entirely due to your tenure as President. People throughout the nation of different ages, races, classes, and backgrounds have come out to vote, in mass numbers never seen in the US before. These numbers can be credited to you, President Trump. You’ve left these people with no other option. With a discredited free press and a dysfunctional government, voting is the only way the citizens of the United States have a place to voice their opinions and stand up for their beliefs. Stand up against you. People all over the country are coming out of their shadows of suppression and uniting together–uniting against you, uniting to get you out of office and to ensure that no ‘egotistical, billionaire assholes’ (bonus points if you get this reference) like you are ever elected into a position of power again. So yes, Trump. I hear you. I acknowledge you. And I thank you. Here you go, President Trump.