#Proudtobeaskierwithyou Movement

Amanda Trendell and Martha Richards meeting with female sports teams about the movement.

Photo by Kaelyn Kroeger

Amanda Trendell and Martha Richards meeting with female sports teams about the movement.

The #proudtobeaskier movement is a social media platform that strives to empower women’s sports within the Aspen School District.

The initiative was started by the girl’s golf coaches, Shannon Worth and Kate Korn, who are teachers at the Aspen School District. It was partly inspired by the Instagram movement called #collaborationovercompetition. The movement was also sparked in order to eliminate the narcissistic society that encapsulates our school and seemingly all schools.

Assistant Athletics Director Amanda Trendell, the women’s lacrosse coach, plans to post the top #proudtobeaskierwithyou moments on her weekly sports Newsletter.

“At the end of the day, regardless if there’s a stick or a ball in our hands or on our feet, we’re all wearing the same name,” Trendell said.

The movement was introduced to all women’s spring sports on Friday, April 26th. The point is to post a picture of a fellow female athlete (on any sports team) on any social media outlet, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter. Along with the post, female athletes should praise them for something outstanding they did within a game or in general.

Athletics Director Martha Richards is also a major contributor and supporter of the initiative and created the hashtag.

“It doesn’t always have to be about the star athlete; it needs to also be about those not scoring all the points necessarily,” Richards said.

At the meeting on Friday, the female athletes were asked to raise their hand if they thought AHS’s separate sports teams were not supportive enough of each other. Nearly everyone raised their hand. The coaches are trying to instate an attribute in their female athletes that it’s fashionable to care about their sports and lift each other up as a school.

Shannon Worth is a yoga and health teacher and coaches the girl’s golf team. She conceptualizes the ideology that if an individual is not elevating a team’s energy, they are automatically downgrading it.

“Kate and I are trying to get everybody on this elevated train of ‘how can we be better?,” Worth said. “Everybody feels good when they’re noticed and when they’re seen as a contributor”.

The movement will extend to the entire school. Creators hope that it will be used by both boys and girls teams during all seasons, and maybe even be carried to academic achievements, including clubs.

“It’s more about being altruistic, sharing a passion about others, and also sharing the culture that it’s cool to be athlete, it’s cool to have school spirit, and it’s cool to care,” Trendell said.