Finals should be abolished


Photo by Ava Thornely

One of the students at AHS stressing about the final.

Finals: having students memorize all topics from each subject, and cramming that knowledge into a two-hour test. Finals look different for everyone. Most students spend finals week stress eating, missing sleep, and crying a lot. The end of the year shouldn’t be this stressful for students; I believe finals should be abolished because the amount of students that come to school depressed and sleep deprived during finals is way too many. No one should be feeling this way in school especially when it is close to summer. Remember a time when all students had to do was empty out all their binders and have an end of the year party?  Well, now teachers are telling you to keep your binders till the end of the year because there will be information you’ll need for finals.

Finals are put on your transcript, which determines students’ futures. For those who aren’t good test takers, this is a dread. Studying for hours, trying to find tutors, and talking to teachers about how to get a good grade. So the question still stands why do we have finals? Some say that it’s because it shows how much we’ve grown over the year or. If this is true why would it be 20% or more of our grade? The teachers shouldn’t be putting pressure on the students if the teachers are the one who taught them information.

No one should be sitting in their house for 10 hours a day studying for a two-hour exam. That’s an unrealistic expectation and is unhealthy and inhuman. Not to mention there’s binge eating that makes students unmotivated and unhealthy.

My alternative for finals is to just take one last of what you have been learning recently in the class. For example, in math, we are learning about things such as special triangles which we learned at the beginning of the year. Most people will have to re-teach themselves this topic. Teachers should also end the year on a good note and less stressful such as going to lunch together or hiking together. This way students would have more time to soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy the beautiful nature. To stay active also.

Believe me, a lot of people don’t like finals and I believe it’s an unfair way of showing what we know one test determining students future – think about that!