Profile on Committed College Seniors

Logan Sodaburg:
James Madison University

Photo by Lauren Fox

Logan Sodaburg: James Madison University

For AHS seniors, this fall has been packed with college essays, writing activities, and filling out the Common Application. For some seniors, all of this hard work is already beginning to pay off. Throughout December, many students who applied Early Decision to their top choice universities, a binding application, received their application decision. Four AHS seniors share their experiences applying to their top schools and what it feels like to already know where they are going to college.

Quinn Ramberg
Stanford University

AHS senior, Quinn Ramberg, was recently accepted to Stanford University after applying Restrictive Early Action (REA). Although REA is not binding, she has already committed to Stanford. Restrictive Early Action is when you cannot apply to any other private school early in addition to the one you apply to REA, but if accepted, the decision is not binding.

“But I knew that if I did get into Stanford, I would 100% be going. I started my application this summer since there are about 13 supplemental questions, so it was very time-consuming. I applied as a Physics major, and I definitely want to be a part of Stanford’s Physics Department because they have a linear accelerator, which no other college campus has. I also want to possibly double major in art. There are a few majors that combine those interests such as the Product Design major, which is engineering and art,” Ramberg said.

Max Godamsky
Wheaton College

Max Godomsky will be attending Wheaton College in the fall to play for their division three lacrosse team. He believes that he went about collegiate athletics a little different than the standard prospective college athlete.

“I got in the {college sport} game really late, but I began by sending a bunch of coaches emails asking what the process would be to walk on to their lacrosse teams. The coach from Wheaton emailed me back, and after we met in person, he told me that if I applied and got accepted Early Decision (ED), I would have a guaranteed spot on the team my freshman year. I have always loved playing team sports and thought that I might as well try to do this {lacrosse} in college if I can,” Godomsky said.

Logan Sodaburg
James Madison University
Logan Sodaburg applied Early Decision to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va and will be attending as an incoming freshman next fall.

“First, I toured JMU and absolutely fell in love with the campus and how all of the students there were very welcoming and inviting. As soon as I walked in, I immediately felt at home, and there was a special feeling that I experienced as soon as I stepped on campus that was, honestly, indescribable. It was from there that I knew that I wanted to go there {JMU}. It is the biggest relief to already know where I am going to college: knowing that all of my hard work over the past four years has paid off I can finally relax,” Sodaburg said.

Bella Hoffman
Richmond: The American International University In London

Bella Hoffman has always known that she wants to go to college internationally. She recently found out that she was accepted into her top choice school: Richmond: The American International University in London. Hoffman applied to Richmond rolling admissions, which is the only application type that they offer, and it lets applicants know their decision after about two to three weeks.

“I have been thinking about going to Richmond for about two years now. London is one of my favorite cities in the whole world, and I am always really happy when I am there. Richmond offers a fashion management and marketing degree, which I will be going into. It feels really good since all of my hard work has paid off and I am able to go to my dream school. I wanted to go to an international school to step away from America and be in a place where I can meet different people from different backgrounds. London is such a diverse city, which was one of the major things that I wanted to find in a college. I didn’t feel like anywhere else would fit me,” Hoffman said.