First semester vs. second semester

When summer comes to a close and AHS once again opens it’s doors to students for another school year it can be bittersweet. The habits and day to day of students change dramatically. Not only do they get into their daily school routine of sports and homework, but students’ behavior can also vary from semester to semester.

First Semester:
Students return back to school after three months of freedom and spending their days however they’d like. Although it can be tough to get back into the school structure and mindset it can come at a relief to some who are ready to begin learning again. Exciting activities such as Friday night Football games, EXED trips, and Homecoming can also help students ease back into the school year. Motivation is high, a fresh start to grind to get one’s desired grades. Attendance is peaking, students know they can’t miss the lessons and topics in their brand new classes. The commons is packed and the cafe line is long. AHS students are eager to share stories and lunch with their friends.

Second Semester:
After winter break and the first round of finals, morals begin to diminish. Senioritis kicks in and the anticipation of graduation takes control. Students once cute outfits turn into sweatpants and sweatshirts. The long weeks of continuous school and minimal breaks take a toll on one’s motivation. The commons slowly empties with students either leaving early or leaving for lunch because the thought of being in school for the whole day is too much. Tardies seem to skyrocket as students begin strolling to class. Less and less homework is turned in and 11 pm “did u study for the math test?!” texts become more frequent. But there is some hope for the AHS student body. When May arrives the incentive of summer gives the final push to finish out the school year with one’s GPA mostly intact.