New Ex-Ed course to Wuhan, China


Photo by Oliver Semple

Gretchdog and AHS students enjoy their time in Wuhan, China as part of a new Ex-Ed course at AHS.

SATIRE- The AHS staff has recently announced that starting next year, there will be a new Ex Ed course going to Wuhan, China, where the Coronavirus was first seen.

The trip will be for 7 days, during which Gretchdog and a group of 7 students will be going to Wuhan, China to study the Coronavirus and will speak to people with it. They will also visit hospitals and people in isolated quarantine. The administration expects this trip to be very popular because of the new experiences regarding the coronavirus, or even the coronavirus itself, that they will gain from the trip.

Tearin’ Blueberry, AHS principal, thinks this will be an amazing opportunity, and he hopes that students will come back with new insight as to what the Coronavirus is.

“I hope that the students learn a lot about the Coronavirus. Maybe some of them will come back with it, so that we can research it further here!” Blueberry says.

Gretchdog is not excited about having to run this trip. She is a World Geography teacher, but this is the one place she never wanted to go visit.

“I never wanted to do this. I would never even think about going to Wuhan. I was forced into this. I don’t want any of the nasty germs I’m going to get from this trip,” Gretchdog complains.

Noah Commonsense is a super senior as a result of failing Basic Cooking twice in a row. He is very excited to go on another Ex Ed, and appreciates this new opportunity in his fifth year.

“Yo, this trip is gonna be so dope. If I get Coronavirus and come back to the US with it, I won’t have to go to school,” Commonsense says.