White power movement


SATIRE- The clubs for our school that is made in September have been well put together but rising out of the depth this beginning of the semester has been something that no AHS student expected.

Over the past four years, America’s toughest fighters have survived politically correct politics and aggression from other races. Despite those struggles, they somehow manage to live through it all and need to be known by the AHS community. White power club meets every Wednesday at the Moore field with Budlight on ice, and the pickups warmed up.

Billie Hick, the president of the White Supremest Empowerment Club, believes that America has hurt the political and social power that the caucasian person has in all his body.

“Honestly, we need to be seen as a community. My only idol at the moment is Ronald Drumpf, and he stands out as a beacon for all white people that have lost hope to the other sinister people in this greedy world,” Hicks said.

When Hicks was asked about his opinion on the white race is one of the biggest problems in the U.S he responded by reciting the Marti Fluther Bing Jr I Have A Dream speech, after being told numerous times that the speech was not only said by an African American civil rights leader but not Ronald Drumpf he yelled, “White Power!”

Another White Power movement leader is Alice Hicks, Billie Hick’s long time girlfriend since he feels that the effects of showing empowerment to their beloved race have demonstrated not successfully. Most students at AHS that have tried signing up to help the movement have been denied for reasons of interacting with another race at AHS or not looking “redneck enough,” Hicks said.
AHS Principal, Sharon Mulford, is known to understand the struggle that these kids go through every day. After being asked about how the club might be corrupt because it is ignorant of the suffering and oppression of other races he said, “They have the right I guess, its a rough spot that the American white citizen is going through right now, I mean not being racist, it’s crazy how they are able to survive, but at the same time and it’s not like they are going to get anywhere with it,” Mr. Mulford said confidently. On March 7th, the club is planning a walkout to City Hall where they will have an unfriendly protest for their rights and discuss what’s wrong without the country. These choices include, no abortions ever, more tax money needed, and more scapegoats for all-male white supremacists.

“We are here from kingdom come and will rein down on anybody body who will oppose…White Power!” Hicks said.