Apps everyone needs during quarantine


Photo by Ava Thornely

Apps during the Pandemic "Netflix" (left) "Steps" (top right) "Tik Tok" (bottom right)

Quarantine has been described as boring, lonely, and uneventful. However, this Pandemic couldn’t be during a better time. 21st-century technology enables us to keep busy. During the pandemic many are using technology more whether it be a zoom call for school, watching Charlie D’amelio on Tik Tok, or even going on a walk and tracking your steps. These Apps will cure the sorrow many are feeling. Aspen High School students share the apps they use most and would recommend for everyone during the quarantine.

Social media is an excellent way to connect with others when feeling lonely or wanting to stay in touch. Social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are used by AHS students, although Tik Tok was a favorite for many. Tik Tok provides free entertainment and can be used to get active with relatives while learning a new dance. Who knows you could possibly get Tik Tok famous by the end of the Pandemic and be making money from your own bedroom. According to “Wallaroo,” Tik Tok “has been downloaded over 130 million times in the United States alone.” Most of the users are between the ages of 13-30. AHS Students Bryce CP, Ellie Martin, Emma Dominguez, Bella Hanaman, and Ruby Mcbride are only a few who got or have been using Tik Tok more since the Pandemic.

“I used it before The Pandemic too, but I have definitely seen myself on it more. I lose a track of time when I’m on it. It allows you to get creative making the videos or share funny videos with others to make them laugh,” McBride said

Netflix and Hulu are services useful for families because they can all watch your own shows or movies from their own screens and won’t have to worry about wasting an hour deciding what to watch. Many students spend their days doing school work five days a week and that calls for a relaxing weekend. Apps like Netflix and Hulu are useful “tools” for laying low and will make time fly. However, these apps call for a monthly payment. Netflix is $12.99 and during this time many are low on money so the cheaper option is “Hulu” for $5.99 a month or a 30-day free trial! Both apps are used for entertainment, providing T.V shows and Movies. By using these apps you are able to watch without the interruption of commercials and have the freedom to skip or rewatch a series or movie as many times as you desire. You don’t have to worry about missing an episode when you forgot to record because they will automatically be added and free to watch whenever. Shows such as Tiger King, Outer Banks, and All American have been some of the favorites among AHS students.

Landon Kiker, a junior at AHS, has been watching Netflix since the start of the Pandemic.

“I have seen myself watching more Netflix than usual. I find myself using it as a reward after I finish my homework. There have been lots of new shows that I have been watching. I just finished Outer Banks, and it was a good mystery with many cliffhangers. I heard about Tiger King and I didn’t think I would like it, but it was so weird it was addicting,” Kiker said.

Although there are positives to technology there are also dangers according to Newfield press “Technology has a negative impact because it is an attention deficit, it can cause depression, cyber bullying, and it does harm to the physical health of a teen.” Some may feel they are spending too much time on screens, a simple solution to exercise and allow yourself to look away from your screen. Although it’s tempting to “bored eat” and sleep all day, but we still need to care for our bodies. What a better time to exercise then now? With so much free time it can be easy to fit in a 15-minute workout or a two-hour workout.

Plus, exercise can improve your mental health according to Psychology Today, “Exercise is well known to stimulate the body to produce endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones which can make problems seem more manageable. The simple act of focusing on exercise can give us a break from current concerns.” With the many concerns surrounding Coronavirus, exercise can help release those emotions. There are so many apps surrounding health, including Wakeout, that allow you to workout using common household items or no equipment at all. This is useful during a time when you can’t go to the gym and use the equipment. Supercook recommends recipes you can make with the available food in your house. Many people are going to the grocery stores less to avoid getting sick or getting others sick. With this app, you can add the ingredients you have in your house and get instant recipes. Steps are used to track your steps while walking, running, or jogging. This way, you can track your progress and have more motivation to exercise.

The next time you say you are bored during quarantine, remember that you are so fortunate to have such powerful technology and a multitude of apps to keep you busy.