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This summer, athletes who strive to improve their performance and continue the skills they have a camp specially designed for them. AMP Sports Performance (which stands for coaches James Aldridge, Eric McCready, Chris Peshek) is a six-week Speed Camp this summer from June 8th – July 13th for all athletes of all ages (middle school/high school/college) in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

The camp is easily accessible to everyone and located in Aspen on Monday and Wednesday and in Basalt on Tuesday and Thursday. Athletes focus on a proven bio-mechanic principles system designed to improve running technique, explosive power, agility, and coordination. Every athlete is given an individualized assessment with an “at-home” improvement plan, as well as small-group development training. This integrated system will provide each athlete with a foundation for significantly improved performance in their respective sport(s).  

Coach Chris Peshek is known for his work in biomechanics and physical therapy with numerous professional and amateur athletes. Peshek has 29 years of experience working with a wide range of athletes in all sports, performing biomechanical assessments, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Peshek has also coached high school football for 12 years. Peskek will uncover weaknesses that have yet to be identified, which allows for a better understanding of personal strength, and mobility issues, vital to making every person that comes to AMP a better athlete.

“Our program will first assess each individual’s biomechanics and prescribe individualized corrective exercises to address individual faults. Next, we will assess each participant’s running mechanics and provide corrective instruction. Our 6-week camp will then focus on improving all athletes’ speed and agility,” Pesheck said 

Three coaches have come together to improve community members’ athletic skills and provide practice athletes might not have gotten because of the coronavirus. 

  “James Aldridge, Eric McCready, and I are offering a camp to improve their overall sports performance, especially speed and agility. We feel that all athletes have missed out on a spring sports season and wanted to offer an opportunity to stay focused on their athletic goals,” Pesheck said

James Aldridge went on to play both professional football and rugby. Coach Aldridge specializes in teaching explosive movements and fast-twitch development to improve overall speed and agility in athletes. His experience coaching various sports on many different levels gives him a unique perspective and connection with athletes in all sports. He has coached many notable athletes in the valley, including the first three-time sprint champion in Aspen history. 

Eric McCready is a former college and professional athlete; Eric has gained unequaled personal knowledge in mechanics and efficient training methods. He has more than 20 years of experience as a college and high school coach in Colorado. He has also coached multiple college and professional athletes. His current connection to various coaches, athletes, and management in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL as well as contacts to men’s and women’s NCAA coaches and athletic directors has given him unparalleled access to the most up-to-date, sought-after training techniques. Speed Camp will help those considering going professional and playing past High School or those wanting to improve. 

“This is our first camp, and depending on interest, we may offer another one later in the summer. Our preliminary dates, hours, and location are dependent on enrollment and Pitkin County’s COVID restrictions. We will provide more details soon,” Peshek said. 


For more information and registration visit https://www.ampsportsperformance.com/program