AHS has taken virtual learning in stride


Photo courtesy of Aspenk12.net

The guidelines and credentials that Aspen School District have been following in order to provide the most beneficial school year.

Aspen High School has not skipped a beat in providing students with the resources for smooth online classes, and their efforts in maintaining school spirit are just as strongly integrated.

On September 9th, students attended grade-level meetings where they talked with their class officers about the upcoming year. Most discussions revolve around the negative hardships of COVID-19; However, the meetings focused mainly on what positive alternatives the school still has in maintaining a somewhat normal year. Seniors discussed graduation options alongside the necessity of implementing social resources for everybody.

Different from in-person school, online learning disconnects people socially. Though it is advised to socially distance, it is imperative that students have the social and emotional outlets of their friends, family, and outdoors in a non-virtual format.

The grade-level meetings introduced this idea as they utilized non-stressful, fun activities to interact with the entire grade. Senior class president, Caprice Seeman and vice president, Ava Thornely led the class cheer (“Seniors! Seniors! what’s your number?”) in celebration of their final year of high school. Each class also attempted their version of the class cheer. Though the outcome was much different than the crisp chant usually heard in the Skier’s Big Gym, the effort was certainly there. In remembrance of the traditional school activities hosted at the ‘Pep Assemblies,’ each class played a trivia game with questions regarding staff, Aspen, and AHS.

Though daily routines have changed, including the school schedule, AHS staff has demonstrated immense dedication to providing everybody with all of the academic, social, and emotional necessities that pertain to personal and communal health. By shifting to Zoom, changing the class schedule, and incorporating social resources (like the CREW class), AHS has creatively navigated the challenges that threaten the habituated qualities of in-person education.