Halloween; but with masks

Already feeling overwhelmed this Halloween season and wondering what to wear? Not to worry, there is still time and a lot of options. Due to COVID-19, finding a costume with a facial covering is most appropriate. With new regulations regarding COVID-19, costumes should have a mask but there are plenty of outfits to choose from this year that can be fun, creative, and easy.


If you’re not the kind of person to buy a costume for hundreds of dollars, then choosing a simple costume would be the best fit. An easy and good looking costume would be a doctor or nurse. This would be perfect for wearing a mask when out in public and it isn’t very complex. In addition, a mummy or zombie would also be an easy costume to make. All it would take is some makeup, a torn up shirt, or just some toilet paper. These easy costumes are distinctive and mask friendly.

Unique costumes

If you are someone who has interest in the dark side, a storm trooper would be a fun costume to buy. Many people love the stories about the galaxy far far away and the unique characters. A storm trooper is widely recognized and is an out of this world choice for a halloween costume! If the darkside is not for you, then dressing as a Jedi or other character from the Star Wars Sage could also be a useful idea.


Still unsure of what to pick? Try something new! Recently the characters from the game Among Us, has been a rising trend this year. These special characters come in an array of different colors and small accessories, such as hats or goggles. It’s a unique and creative opportunity for making a special costume. Even if you don’t play the game, it’s still a fun idea. Another trendy idea is going as someone from a Netflix show. A popular show called Tiger King that came out earlier in the year, which was about Joe Exotic and his tigers. It would be a more comedic costume to go as Joe in his odd looking print outfits.

These ideas are all spooky and trendy for this 2020 halloween season. There are plenty to choose from even with the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re celebrating halloween in person or on a computer, you will be well dressed for the occasion.