Pitkin County Shuts Down


Photo by Emily Kinney

In house dining like this will not be a possibility for a while due to new Pitkin County restrictions.

As of 12:01 am on Sunday, January 17, 2021, Pitkin County officially shifted to red-level Coronavirus restrictions.

These restrictions are intended to reduce the number of gatherings outside of one household, as well as visitors coming to Pitkin County, which aims to reduce the number of Coronavirus cases. These restrictions primarily target the restaurant, lodging, and ski resort businesses.

Restaurants will only be open for outdoor dining with the same household, takeout, delivery, and there will be an 8pm last call.

However, some restaurant owners weren’t happy with this decision. On Friday, January 15, Ninth Judicial District Judge, Anne Nordin, ruled against a restaurant group’s request to suspend the public health order to get rid of indoor dining in Pitkin County.

For restaurants on the mountain, indoor dining will also be prohibited. On the mountains, mask and social distancing requirements will also be more enforced, and although the mountain target capacity has not yet been exceeded if it is exceeded, a new reservation system will be implemented.

As for lodging, only one household will be allowed for each unit, and only 50% capacity will be allowed at the lodges.

By putting in these new restrictions, Pitkin County and the Board of Health is hoping to return to orange-level restrictions. According to an Aspen Times article, “The county will move out of Red-level restrictions and back to Orange when the incidence rate drops below 700 and has been decreasing for 14 days.”