Creamy or Crunchy? Here’s What Your Peanut Butter Preference Says About You

Peanut butter: everybody’s favorite sandwich ingredient. This may sound like an easy and simple topic of conversation, but it can define you. Different types of nut butter were not created not to judge, right?

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Crunchy peanut butter – If you eat this by the spoonful, you are definitely a middle-aged dad trying to get your daily dose of protein. If you are a student eating crunchy, you most likely bought the wrong type, and regret it. You think it is quirky to continue to put crunchy peanut butter on your PB & J, but in reality, it’s just too many textures.



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Creamy Peanut butter- This is the type of person who loves peanut butter on anything. Anything from sandwiches, bananas, maybe even in your soup will contain peanut butter. These people always have a good time, but do everything in moderation. Creamy peanut butter eaters have good luck, and will eat peanut butter like it is their morning coffee.



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Almond Butter- You think you’re in with everyone cause you’re only allergic to peanuts, not almonds. You’re not trendy. This is either the only type you can eat, or you are a health freak mom who spreads it on one rice cracker, and calls it lunch. Eating almond butter’s one and only exception is peanut butter that is banned in an elementary school’s cafeteria.




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SunButter- What are you thinking? Say you are kidding right now. This is truly embarrassing. Why would you have an oily and moist peanut butter that is made via “the sun” rather than the real thing. You are trying to be quirky and start a diet, but sweetie, at least try almond butter.



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People with nut allergies-. For the most part, peanut allergies are lame. Nut allergies are not a personality trait. Can you please find a real one? There are only a few people allergic to peanuts that have the potential to be cool. Ex: Kourtney Kardashian and Michelle Obama.