New Construction at ASD and What to Expect For Next Year


New design for the commons at AHS.

Over the Summer, Aspen High School will be undergoing more construction in hope that in the fall students can come back to an improved and more functional school.

The construction will range from fixing behind-the-scenes issues like pipes and boilers to a new facelift in the commons. The Beach will be fixed with new landscaping and the fences and large holes will be removed. According to AHS Principal, Sarah Strassburger, there will be new furniture all around the school and new bleachers in the gym.

Not only will AHS get updates, but so will the rest of the district. There will be an ADA-compliant ramp at the stadium turf, and users in the parking lot will no longer be assigned parking. The lot will have a parking gate in order to let permitted cars in and out. With that, the school is trying to increase the number of spaces for seniors in the lot and other parking options for juniors. Overall, the biggest part of the construction at AHS will be the new facelift to the commons.

“When you [students and staff] come back, it’s going to look very different with all new furniture and a new way to go and get food. The cafe will no longer be where it is. It’ll be more like a grab-and-go in front of the hot lunch line,” Strassbruger said.

The school is trying to make feeding students more efficient to accommodate for the 35-minute lunches. The change in design will streamline food distribution.

“It will be a little more like Bumps or the Merry-Go-Round,” Strassburger said.

Over the summer the school will be closed so that all the construction can finish in time before school starts.

“It should be done August 23, and June 19 through July 14 no one can come in, except construction,” Strassburger said.