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Stella Iverson
seniors at the senior sunrise event

The seniors’ final year is approaching. June 1, 2023, they will cross the stage in The Music Tent. Some seniors may dread the day, and others cannot wait. The first semester of senior year is said to be the most stressful time of high school, but once the second semester rolls around, it is a breeze. The biggest issue facing some seniors today is the stress of college applications; for others, it is the talk of the seniors “giving up on their work” when the second semester comes around.

Tessa Guilander is a current senior at AHS.

“I feel like senioritis isn’t as much of students giving up on their schoolwork. I think it’s just in prioritizing their future outside of high school. And I feel like a lot of students get blamed for lacking in the career or the academic part of their senior year when in reality they spend a lot of their time focusing on progressing their academics in college and other things,” Guilander said.

Along with the stress of college some seniors feel as though their traditions are not being respected.

“Another thing I don’t like is how disrespectful the juniors are to the seniors, for example, parking in the parking lot. I think it’s really unacceptable,” Hect shared.

On the other hand, seniors are very happy to be the oldest and school and they look forward to the senior traditions yet to come.

“I like being a part of our grade and getting to participate in activities that you’ve looked forward to for many years is really exciting like senior sunrise. I honestly like the respect from the teachers. I feel like you gain a lot more respect, as a senior,” Hect said.

A big aspect of senior year is the amount of freedom one gets but this year the rules have changed and seniors are only allowed one free period in their schedules and students don’t think this new rule is fair, Like senior Zoe Sinclaire.

“I don’t really, I’m not a fan of scheduling things, how you can only really have a free period,” Sinclair said.

Now when it comes to college applications seniors are well aware it is fast and approaching, so please everyone don’t bring it up.

“I don’t like how much everyone’s talking about college because it stresses me out. And it makes me feel behind and unprepared,” Amelia Hect said.

Now with all of this seniors are clearly stressed, and we will most likely be less grumpy after the first semester.

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Stella Iverson, Editor-in-Chief
Stella Iverson is a senior at AHS. This is her fourth and final year writing for The Skier Scribbler. Stella's  favorite person in the world is her grandpa because of his innate ability to stay an active rancher at 75 years old. As an Editor-in-Chief, Stella is excited to continue tackling global social issues, and challenging topics. She hopes to study journalism after high school, and often dreams about settling in New York.

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