Outdoor Voices


Kaelyn Kroeger

Outdoor Voices athletic clothing store.

Athletic wear has infiltrated our daily lives, but there is a new company coming for Lululemon. Outdoor Voices has everything a workout addict needs for a good run, nice hike, or a hot yoga class across the street at Arjuna Yoga.

Its simple light-colored interior gives it its charm, and the employees are very sweet and helpful. The little shop also has an outward appeal with two aspen trees dotting the front, and the words Technical Apparel for Recreation on the left window.

“Wearing leggings and athleisure has become such a mainstream thing, it’s nice to have options,” Malarie Harrison, an Outdoor Voices employee, said.

Aspen is known for its extremely expensive clothes and outrageous stores.

“Nothing’s too expensive to where I’m uncomfortable paying a certain price for it,” Harrison said.

Those who ski, snowboard, or do any sports in the snow need not worry because this store is also selling athletic apparel for cold weather.

“We have a new material called Polarmoss, which keeps you super warm, and a lot of our pieces are great for layering so you can definitely wear them under your ski clothes,” Harrison said.

This new business is inexpensive, has good quality material, includes a great variety of sportswear, and is an all around great place to shop. If you want to check it out, the store is located next to the Aspen Art Museum on East Hyman Avenue.