Student Reaches Enlightenment during Two Minute Meditation


Nam Aste becoming enlightened.

SATIRE — Meditation is a practice that is greatly appreciated all around the world. It is used to reach the most peaceful state of mind possible. In order to help his students concentrate better during his class, Professeur Calm has had his students complete a two-minute meditation every day in the beginning. It is a way for his students to settle their minds and calm down for a small amount of time.

A few students use this time to actually meditate while the rest of the class plays games on their cellular devices. IB English student and junior, Nam Aste is one of the few students who actually participate in the meditation. He is also known as a “teacher’s pet” and likes to impress his teachers at every opportunity. One day, however, he felt a light begin to glow inside of him during the meditation and felt light as air.

“It felt like everything in the universe suddenly became balanced,” Nam Aste said.

Al-wayson Mafone, a student who never does the meditation, had his eyes wide open and was one of four other students not doing the meditation who observed this phenomenon.

“He began to float above his chair in a crisscrossed-applesauce-spoon-in-the-bowl position, and he seemed to shine like the sun,” Mafone said.

Professeur Calm is ecstatic about Nam Aste’s enlightenment during his meditations. He thinks more students can do the same if they follow his instructions. He and several other teachers and students have also worked to establish a dedication room for Nam Aste’s accomplishment. He wants students to visit the room and meditate as often as they would like. They have recently installed a fountain as well.

Professeur Calm said, “If done correctly, I believe all of my students can follow Nam Aste’s example and reach a state of enlightenment and balance”.