O2 Yoga is Reopening in a New Location


408 S. Mill St., next to Wagner Park, is undertaking a drastic change.from McDonald’s fast food to an all new O2 Yoga and Pilates Studio.

O2 Yoga is a studio that is currently located on Main Street. Although their business is running smoothly, the new owners, Brittany and Colter Van Domelen, have several new ideas for the business that require more space.

There is a lot in store for the new O2 Yoga. Julia Russo, the general manager at O2 Aspen, is excited about the new building and having more capacity. There’s also an opportunity to get some energy and fill up with some snacks before yoga class.

“We will have a little O2 Go, it’s like a corner with some grab-and-go food. It’s all organic and gluten-free,” Russo said.

The activity is high among the staff as far as moving to a new, larger spot. Jenna Meyer, one of the desk staff members, is thrilled about the relocation.

“I’m pretty excited about the new space. We’ve seen pictures and it looks really cool,” Meyer said.

The studio is also planning on adding different elements to some of the yoga classes in order to change up the environment. Heat makes you sweat more, and that makes you work harder during a pose.

“We will add some humidity so you will have the sensation that it’s hotter than it is,”Russo said.

O2 Yoga will encounter some obstacles along the way. It is going to be difficult to completely move a whole studio full of supplies and materials from one location to another. There are also going to be some changes that yoga-goers will have to make.

“We definitely are going to face some new challenges. Some of our clients are used to walking [to the current studio]  so it’ll be an adjustment for sure,” Meyer said.

There will be a higher amount of publicity for the studio as it is relocating to the center of town. That means more business for O2 and more yogis for Aspen.

“I’m a little bit sad to leave this place, but happy to be in a new and modern space and in the core [of Aspen]” Russo said.