Holy crepe! The Crepe Shack opens in Snowmass Village

Employees making crepes for a busy crowd at the Crepe Shack on opening night.

Photo by Kaelyn Kroeger

Employees making crepes for a busy crowd at the Crepe Shack on opening night.

Picture this: exploring the small town of Snowmass Village after a hard day of skiing and you notice a chocolaty scent with a hint of strawberries. Following the scent will lead to an airy, light-colored creperie with a sign labeled “the Crepe Shack”.

The tiny town at the base of Snowmass Mountain is home to many delectable restaurants and little shops. The new creperie is located at 61 Wood Rd. in the Lumin building, easily accessible to crepe lovers. It is also owned by Mawa’s Kitchen, an Aspen catering company that provides private chefs, cooking classes, and even in-flight catering. Mawa’s Kitchen’s restaurant is located in the Aspen Business Center.

Snowmass Base Village is also featuring a brand new ice skating rink next to the Crepe Shack. Mawa’s crepes are hand-held in a paper wrap, giving the public access to skating while simultaneously eating warm crepes.

Daniel Mcqueen is a business partner of the Crepe Shack and husband of Mawa Mcqueen, the owner of The Crepe Shack. He is excited to open up the new shop.

“The process was very enjoyable because we worked with some amazing, passionate people who share our vision and interest,” Daniel Mcqueen said.

East West Partners and Ski CO were also major contributors to the project. The companies are primary assets to the store due to their passion and youth, according to Daniel Mcqueen.

Nacho, a tourist from Argentina, is visiting Aspen with a group of friends and dropped into Snowmass Village to enjoy Mawa’s crepes and watch the ice show at the new ice rink.

“They are the best crepes I have ever tried, ever,” Nacho said.

The menu provides a great variety of crepes, both sweet and savory. To broaden the number of customers that can enjoy their food by offering crepes that are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and vegetarian. They also serve grilled cheeses, pressed juices, and Mawa’s famous hot-chocolate, which is made with 70% real cocoa, milk, and heavy cream.

“Our hot-chocolate: I made it with love,” Mawa said.

Mawa Mcqueen is the owner of the Crepe Shack and Mawa’s Kitchen (thus the name). She loves the aspect of creperies in each French ski town and resolved that Snowmass needed one, too.

“Who doesn’t love crepes? Everybody loves crepes. It’s the staple of a mountain town,” Mawa said.

The creperie also has an appeal to both locals and tourists enjoying Snowmass village. They serve dessert crepes of all sorts, as well as high-end crepes, including the caviar crepe and the froie gras crepe (goose liver).

“The fun part at the Crepe Shack is that you can build your own savory or sweet crepe,” Daniel Mcqueen said.

Everyone is raving about the new crepe shop and ice skating rink. The Crepe Shack’s employees and owners are encouraging people of all ages, no matter their background, to come and enjoy crepes and hot cocoa.

“You don’t need a knife and fork to eat a crepe, you just ice skate and eat and ice skate and eat. Just love, fun, Nutella and strawberries!,” Mawa said.