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The student news site of Aspen High School


The student news site of Aspen High School


Addy Chrisensen taking a selfie with Olivia Ferrera, Kristine Hvolbaek, Zala Smalls, and Charlie Laube at the ski Cooper race.

AHS Ski Race Newcomers and their Season

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

“5, 4,” the starter counts down and a shiver runs down your spine, “3, 2,”, you breathe in and out suddenly aware of everyone who's watching you, “1.” And you're off. You use your poles to...

Three fan girls on the Jumbotron

Stanley Cup 2023 prediction

Haley Schmela, Staff Writer January 31, 2023

After four great months of celebration, the Colorado Avalanche are ready to receive a new ring to add to their collection. While many people say there will finally be new champs this year taking home Mr....

Sallinen Makes X-Games Debut as This Year’s Youngest Superpipe Athlete

Lexi Munro, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

Jon Sallinen, a Finnish half pipe skier and alumni of the Colorado Rocky Mounrtain School (CRMS) in Carbondale, received his first invitation to the 2023 X-Games, and will compete this Friday, January...

Boys Basketball walking onto the court in the basketball season of 2021-2022.

Boys and Girls’ Basketball Inequality

Araya Thompson, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

The basketball opportunities at AHS vary drastically between boys' and girls' teams. In 2016, the boys club basketball team started a travel team led by coach Alex Schrempf. In 2019, the Amateur Athletic...

The Challenge Aspen Team for 2022, Aspen teachers Adam Cheney and Megan Noonan are pictured in the middle.

AHS’ Noonan and Cheney Compete in Challenge Aspen Race in Italy

Addy Christensen, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

On your mark, get set, GO! Boom, the gun goes off at the starting line. Hundreds of racers from all over the world have trained tirelessly for this exact moment: running over 20 miles in the Italian Alps,...

A diagram detailing the planned size and angles of the wall including the color scheme.

Facing the Struggles of AHS’ Rock Wall

Beau Toepfer, News Editor May 20, 2022

At the beginning of COVID, the Aspen climbing club was unable to continue due to lack of access to an adequate training facility, but now, students and teachers are aiming to restart the club by building...

Aspen High School skier competes during the 2019 season. Alpine skiing is one of the sports affected by the protocol.

New Concussion Protocol

Stella Iverson, A&E Editor May 20, 2022

As people become more aware of the importance of brain health, AHS has introduced a new system around the academic part of concussions. There are many requirements that go into returning to sports and...

Quads and Backflips: the Amazing Feats of Surya Bonaly

Harper Axelman, News Editor May 20, 2022

While the “Quad Revolution” of women’s figure skating has recently gained momentum, one figure skater came close to landing the jump almost 30 years ago: Surya Bonaly, who also executed a backflip...

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