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Haley Schmela: A student athlete and ambitious goal chaser

Photo Courtesy of Haley Schmela
Haley Schmela battles her opponent on the lacrosse field.

In our very own building, ‘Lego Batman’ and ‘Anchorman’ enthusiast Haley Schmela is broadening her future through extended opportunities, new lessons, and hard work. Schmela is a junior at AHS and a student-athlete who has been catalyzing her career in lacrosse. She grew up in Aspen, Colorado with a twin brother named Tyler and an older brother named Carter. Schmela’s family played a major role in her desire to play lacrosse and pursue her interests.

“I play lacrosse but I didn’t always love it. I actually hated it and when I was in 6th grade, my brother forced me to do it and now it is my favorite thing…I realized that I was kind of good at it and I had a good relationship with it and I wanted to see how far I could go,” Schmela said.

Schmela grew up playing various sports including soccer and hockey but decided to redirect her focus and efforts primarily toward the higher level of lacrosse.

“I have played for 5 years. I play for Aspen High School as well as a club team out of Denver called 180 and we travel the East Coast all summer and participate in a bunch of tournaments.”

Through this process, she has learned various lessons within team dynamics and gained lasting relationships through her expertise within the midfield position. Schmela nurtures the value of teamwork and communication on the field because she knows the importance of team chemistry in contributing to overall success.

“I have gotten to meet so many people from the sport of lacrosse because I play all over the nation and have made so many friendships that just make the game better…. If you can’t talk to your teammates you’re not going to go very far,” Schmela said.

In terms of both athletic motivation and personal development, Schmela is most inspired by Colorado Avalanche National Hockey League player, Nathan Mackinnon. Mackinnon has taught her the importance of commitment, and drive in order to achieve one’s goals, whilst inspiring others to do the same.

“I watch him every night. Whenever the AVs are on I am just in awe of how dedicated and talented he is. If I can become even the slightest bit like him my life will be complete,” Schmela said.

Through this drive and inspiration, Schmela is continuing to work toward achieving the goal of reaching a higher level of performance within every practice and the larger scheme of her future.

“I am trying to play in college currently. I’ve had offers that I didn’t love and I want to make sure that wherever I go is going to be the right place for me. I want to make sure that if lacrosse disappeared I’d still be happy there…UVA is my dream school.”

In the drive to achieve her goals, Schmela makes sure to uphold the primary value of enjoying the sport and appreciating those around her, helping her to become the best player/teammate she can be.

“When I go to practice, it is really to see my friends,” Schmela learned, “ appreciate things more and work hard. Lacrosse has taught me the importance of repetition and how the little things can improve you.”

Schmela’s biggest advice to upcoming lacrosse players is, “to have fun because you can get really burnt out so always enjoy yourself.”

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Rylee Smith, News and Sports Editor
Rylee is a senior at Aspen High School and one of the Sports/News editors. This is her second year writing for the Skier Scribbler and she has appreciated the new lens of leadership which has helped her to grow in her own writing. In her free time, Rylee is spending time outside, basking in the sun during the summer, flying through the slopes during winter, and watching the sunsets in the evening. Moving forward, she looks forward to growing her faith in the Lord and spending time with her family/friends. 

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