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News: College is Approaching! Tips and Tricks for Juniors and Underclassmen

It’s your first day of school at your dream university. Sunshine tickles your nose, and people smile and say hi as they rush past you, late to class as usual. Taking a breath in, the utter beauty of the campus consumes you. The green grass around the quad, the perfectly placed trees, and flowers, the ethereal chirping of birds. You’re really here, all that hard work, awkwardness, and singly chaotic phase of high school paid off.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. Suddenly, your alarm blares, it’s six am and you are in fact still in high school. Time to get up to start the day at a time too early for your teenage brain to comprehend. Three words cross your mind: Major bummer, man.

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, the college admissions process. It is scary and unknown to most everyone. How does a college decide whether one person can attend, while another cannot? These questions may plague your mind for months, for the duration of the process.

It is incredibly easy to get down on one’s luck during this point of life, unleashing a monster of disappointment and despair. But my dear juniors (and underclassmen), I have a few cards up my sleeve to help avoid this. And make that dream of yours a true reality.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you all out with applications!

Set Designated Times to Do Work

One thing that was super helpful for me and other classmates was creating specific times in which college essays or other aspects of the application process can be completed. Pacing yourself is a helpful way to keep the stress under control because trust me, there will be a lot less yelling, crying, and self-loathing.

Talking to College Counselors and Parents about Essays

Our high school counselors are some of the most helpful and amazing resources that are readily available from start to finish of the process. Popping into Susanne, Karen, or Brennan’s office, even to ask a quick question may prove to be beneficial.

Talking to parents is also an important part of the college process. Although it might be more essential to talk to counselors about essays, honors, and more, parents are helpful when it comes to knowing where to apply and to act as an editor for written materials, and more!

Staying on Top of Deadlines, Know When Your App is Due!

Do not leave everything to the last minute! Trust me, as an A+ procrastinator this was my biggest obstacle when applying to schools. Applying your time management skills and plans can help with completing work on time.

Talk with counselors, parents, older siblings, and even peers applying to the same schools to know when everything is due!

Best of luck future college students!

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