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Three Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

The United States takes March to commemorate Women’s History Month, celebrating women’s contributions towards America throughout its history, as well as honoring the tenacious efforts that countless women have put into advocating for equal opportunity towards the betterment of our nation and the world.

Women’s History Month is not only an opportunity for commemoration but an invitation to confront current injustices not only in the United States but worldwide. Across the United States, workplace inequality is heightened compared to other Western countries, the gender pay gap remains prevalent, and abortion rights are wavering from state to state. Now, and always, recognizing all women’s struggles is imperative. However, labeling a month as a period for acknowledgment is not sufficient; it involves actively seeking ways to celebrate women and their accomplishments daily.

1. Supporting a Women’s Nonprofit or Charity

There are countless nonprofit organizations and charities that are dedicated to advocating for and protecting women’s rights. Under this umbrella, there are numerous specific organizations that will suit one of your specific interests. The Malala Fund, for example, fights for girl’s rights to quality education worldwide to further increase their opportunities in their future – this is especially important in low-income countries, which the Malala Fund is specifically dedicated to supporting.

Girls Not Brides, a global partnership that works towards ending child marriage, is another organization worth supporting. Girls Not Brides is spread over 100 countries and is partnered with over 1,400 organizations, helping girls worldwide. Women face challenges and have shared experiences globally. While Women’s History Month originated in the United States, assisting Women worldwide is equally important – whether it is Women’s History Month or not.

2. Educate Yourself Through Film and Literature

Documentaries are a way to understand the diverse backgrounds and experiences of women. Every documentary is different and similar to organizations – there will be no issue finding one that is directly catered to your interests. As documentaries narrate the stories of real people, they help in challenging stereotypes, which is not only important within the Women’s Rights Movement but in all efforts towards equality.

If you are looking to watch a documentary about influential women, then RBG is a great option. RBG follows the life of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman ever to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Other great options that follow moments in the Women’s Rights Movement instead of individuals include Reversing Roe and Miss Representation, which cover the political campaign to try and overturn Roe v. Wade and the under-representation of women in positions of power in the United States.

In addition to watching documentaries for educational purposes, watching documentaries directed or written by women, along with books and films, is an excellent opportunity to support and promote women in the filmmaking industry. Through this support, women’s voices are celebrated, contributing to the broader empowerment of women in the arts.

3. Write a Woman you Admire a Letter

Taking the time to express gratitude towards a woman in your life through a heartfelt letter or note aligns perfectly with the importance of Women’s History Month. Writing a letter to a woman who holds an influential presence in your life allows you to reflect on the personal impact that admirable women have on you, as well as honor women and their accomplishments. Incorporating affirmations and words of appreciation can convey love and ensure that the woman you are writing to feels valued, as well as motivate her to persist in making the positive impact that continues to inspire you.

Writing a letter to yourself is another great option. Self-love and self-appreciation are always important, but during Women’s History Month especially, every woman deserves to be recognized – including you. Take the time to write yourself a letter and honor your own personal accomplishments and value you bring to your own life and and the lives of those around you. Let the letter serve as a reminder of the unique journey that you have taken and the positive contribution you continually make to the narrative of your life and the progress of women’s history overall.

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