Profile on Jeremy Martin

Jeremy Martin, a junior at Aspen High, was recently selected to be a drummer in the Colorado All-State Small School Jazz Band. In Colorado, there are two all-state bands: one for students who attend a small school and another for students who attend a school with over 1000 students. Over 250 students applied to be in this band, but only seventeen were selected.

Not only is this acceptance a huge honor, but Martin and the other students chosen will get to put on a concert together.

“As well as sounding cool and prestigious, I get to stay at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs January 23rd through the 25th and participate in an honor band. Every person in the band is given about five songs to prepare. Then, we’ll have two days of rehearsal followed by a performance,” Martin said while describing the significance of this award.

Even though he is modest when speaking about it, Jeremy had to work hard for his spot in the All-State Small School Jazz Band. In fact, he tried out for the band last year and received first alternate (basically second place). Since there is only one drummer position, it is very difficult to earn a spot in the band if you play the drums.

However, being an amazing musician (or in Jeremy’s case, the best drummer in the competition) alone will not earn someone a spot. Students also have to submit extensive audition tapes.

“It was a pretty intensive audition process. I had to send in about ten minutes’ worth of a recorded audition! They asked me to play a whole bunch of different styles at different tempos, two different written excerpts, and a few minutes worth of me solo-ing. I started preparing for my audition in August, so I had to put in a fair amount of work,” Martin said.

Along with prepping for this competition for multiple months, Martin also participated in Aspen High School’s band and took private lessons outside of school to continue to improve his skills.

“It’s probably a good idea to mention that I wouldn’t have been able to make it without the assistance of Andy Farmer, the AHS band teacher, or Chad Patrick who I take private lessons with,” Martin said.