News other than COVID19


Photo by Jenny Ellis

The usually-busy streets of downtown Aspen lack its rush-hour traffic.

Although new Coronavirus updates and information dominate the world’s news channels and papers there are still other current events around the globe. For some COVID19 seems to have stopped the world and daily activities in its tracks. But the world still turns and a new day comes with new events on a large and small scale.

It is no secret the coronavirus outbreak has affected many people around the world. Over 1 million people worldwide have been infected and 118,000 have died as of April 2020. This outbreak has put many restrictions on day to day life, but events and news still occur. There are other things happening in the world that are unrelated to this issue.

In the United Kingdom, the second man ever has been cured of HIV. The man named Adam Castillejo has been treated for over two years and undergone an experimental procedure that has cured him. This is a big step forward in further research and more potential cures to this disease, along with AIDS, that affects more than 37 million people worldwide as of 2018.

According to NASA, an asteroid that is predicted to be as big as 2.5 miles wide will pass by earth towards the end of April. This asteroid is large enough to create worldwide effects if it were to hit the Earth, but NASA predicts it will miss our planet. It is expected to be moving at 19,461 MPH. To find out a more detailed article about this space object, visit

In India, where air pollution is no stranger, locals can see the Himalayan Mountains for the first time in 30 years. People who live in Punjab are able to view part of the world-famous mountain chain from as far as 100 miles away due to the lockdown. With fewer people working, using vehicles, and flying in planes the air pollution has decreased and clear skies have replaced the normal hazy air. Locals are amazed and delighted by their new views. More information on this can be found on the CNN website.

On a smaller scale in Aspen, traffic has decreased dramatically. Without tourists, the hotel shuttles and private cars don’t dominate the main street. Because most locals and commuters are not working, traffic in the morning almost no longer exists.

Along with this, school traffic is no longer existent. Not only does this help with air quality, but coronavirus has also knocked out a problem some locals had with student and parent cars. In the fall of 2019, there were many complaints amongst the town that ASD traffic was clogging the roads in the mornings unnecessarily. But now with online school, this is no longer an issue, even the buses aren’t on the road.

COVID19 can be stressful and scary. It seems to be the only thing controlling the world currently. But a closer look shows there is still news and events occurring locally and internationally every day. Finding this type of news can give everyone a much-needed break from coronavirus.