Find More Ebullient Words to Use

Swearing is really f**ked up. It seems that these days we hear more profanity than not. I am guilty of this lack of language, do not get me wrong, but profanity is becoming a filler word. If you lose your train of thought, people fill the space with profanity instead of phrases such as the more tame “umm.” As we get older, our creativity with vocabulary seems to shrink. The teen year’s vocabulary becomes more about shock value.

I remember growing up, whenever my parents would forget my lunch and curse, my stomach would drop to the floor, and I would get butterflies. When those words came out of their mouths, they sounded foreign. I miss those days. I miss them because society has become desensitized to words that should still cause our stomachs to twist.

Lauren Kinney

When I moved here in 3rd grade, my parents were amazed by the school starting a foreign language at such a young age. They repeatedly told me how great it is for my vocabulary and brain. However, my third-grade self blew them off and solely enjoyed the Billy la Bufanda videos. According to the University of Maine, “Students enrolled in the study of language including Spanish have higher SAT scores for each year of the language studied than students who do not study a foreign language. Learning a new language increases problem-solving skills, improves memory, self-discipline, and self-esteem.”

However, after taking Spanish for eight years, I realized myself, alongside other students, actually speak three languages. I personally split the three languages into; your first language, cursing, and the one you are actively learning. You may be thinking, “I strongly disagree,” but let me explain myself. Your first language and the one you are learning are pretty self-explanatory. The “third” language is where you might be confused. Teens or adults commonly do not use profanity in front of their parents. Whereas when you are around your friends or close colleagues, people tend to slip a curse word in approximately every four sentences. Therefore that is one way/ language you consecutively speak.

I am always so surprised when someone stubs their toe and says shoot, instead of cursing. I am guilty of cursing 24/7. I am jealous of my friends and teachers that speak with such fluidity and expansive vocabulary. I’ve become so jealous that I have created a list of the words on my phone that I would like to start using. Unfortunately, my passwords page gets visited more frequently than my vocabulary page. As a society, we accept cursing as a norm, but I genuinely believe that if everyone tried to improve their vocabulary, conversations and communication would become more engaging.

Imagine what the world would sound like if profanity were taken out. People create profound sentences to express themselves. We would hear more insightful phrases like, “Oh no, I just stubbed my left toe. My pain is unendurable!” Using more powerful and complex words would make each person more intellectual and alluring to conversate with. It would allow people to become unique and more boisterous with their language. It could be like learning a new language… except you are upgrading your English.

I believe that we can do this, although it might be easier for some and more challenging for others. I promise it will be hard for me as well. From now on, whenever you feel the need to curse, find a better, more ebullient word to use. As I wrote this article, I looked up more unique words to replace profanity; there are so many. I promise… Google it, and your eyes and vocabulary will open.