Will You…

As we reach the countdown for homecoming, people are scrambling to find the perfect way to get someone to say “yes.”If you were looking for ideas and tips on how to ask a particular person to the dance, sit back, relax, and take notes.

Like independent and dependent variables, people can vary. For example, the person you’re asking may cheer for the Colorado Avalanche or Tampa Bay Lightning. If it is the second team, I advise you to find a new date. While there are endless unique ideas, it is always crucial that you don’t pick the first link that shows up when you type in “Hoco proposals” . I can assure you that half the students in your school will be looking on the same website.

Courtesy of Jude Hanson

First, we will start with the basic proposals. This one is for people who want to go with someone. They don’t care much about who they are or whether or not they are going as friends. For this proposal, you will need to choose an object or food to base your proposal off of. Once you have selected the item, gather your materials, a poster board and sharpened pencils will do the trick, and get to crafting. Here is an example if you don’t already have a perfect visual of what this looks like. “Homecoming? Please, Donut, say no.” Picture someone holding a sign and a box of donuts in their hands. If said with confidence and a smile, you will have a date in no time.

The next step up is a more elaborate ask. If you want to stand out more than the rest, this is for you. For this proposal make sure you are willing to take risks. Do a little research and get to know the person better. It could be through stalking their social media or asking about the person’s interests through their friends. This will make the ask feel more sentimental, and the effort will show. Remember to be prepared, but be sure not to read off a script.

The final type of ask does not cross most minds. This is more for the people who like to go above and beyond. These tasks are time-consuming and take a massive amount of strategy. You will most likely need three or more people to help you pull it off and a couple of weeks marked on your calendar for planning. Two years ago, students at AHS got the cops to pull over his date and give her a fake ticket. At the bottom of the ticket, he wrote “Prom? Yes or No?”. Although he almost gave her a heart attack, she couldn’t help but laugh. Of course she had to say yes!

I’m sure you’ve heard your parents say times were simpler back when they were in high school. With the expectations now being set so high, I can’t help but wonder what ever happened to a simple phone call or going to someone’s house and knocking on their door?