Winter is Here, These Activities Will Bring You Good Cheer


Rylee Smith

Elsa Tullar, Junior, enjoys the fresh, falling winter snow beneath a tree.

The snow has arrived, and the holidays quickly caught a sleigh ride along with it. To some, the holiday season might possess what seems like a neverending list of responsibilities. From homework to cleaning, or other family responsibilities, it becomes difficult to pause and enjoy the little moments. Nonetheless, there is always that free time when we may begin to wonder what to do with ourselves. Here in Aspen, there are always the options of skiing or snowboarding, but what happens after 3:30 pm when the lifts close? Here are the top ten winter activities in order to fill this snooze time.
10) Gift Shopping
Shopping for friends and family is always the way to go when you happen to be near stores, or you are just looking for opportunities to spread some love. Don’t know what to buy? Fuzzy socks or pajamas will do the trick.
9) Building a Snowman
Do you want to build a snowman? Or ride our bikes around the halls? I think building a snowman or snowmen would be the obvious choice on a snowy winter day. Throw on a jacket, snow pants, and mittens (or no gloves if you are feeling feisty). Head outside and allow your imagination to take the wheel. Once you’ve finished the perfect creation, top it off with a carrot nose, and there you have it. A best friend for life…until it melts.
8) Running on the Ice with your Dog (When and if you have one)
Next, we have the underrated winter extravaganza. Many people might not think of this on their first go-around of brainstorming. Just imagine. You grab your doggo and take him/her on a calming stroll. All of a sudden, you both start sprinting, which may result in some falling. Take precautions in this activity, but no matter what, lasting humorous memories are once more created. What a great time. What a great story.
7) Going to the Movies
You can never go wrong with the movies. Some sweatpants, popcorn, soda, and candy for the night. You have to go at night for the full movie effect, of course. Alternatively, if there are no remarkable movies in the theater, you could always go the way of your very own Disney Plus subscription. I recommend “The Grinch,” “Home Alone,” “The Polar Express,” “Christmas Vacation,” and “Santa Clause.”
6) Hot Chocolate
Personally, I never used to appreciate hot chocolate to its full potential. All you have to do is heat up some milk or water, get that milk chocolate mix, and whisk it together to create a steaming cup of perfection. Moreover, if you want to be fancy, you could go the way of marshmallows and sprinkles. The final steps include turning on a movie, grabbing a cookie, and relaxing.
5) Snowball Fight
Grab your friend or neighbor and head outside. Find an area with trees and cover unless you want to be risky by starting this snow war in an open field. Create a minimum of ten snowballs and fire away. Optional rule: first to get hit has to buy lunch on the mountain.
4) Ice Skating
Personally, I’ve never been a proficient ice skater myself, but it has been one of those experiences that I’ve held onto. Skating below the lights and fighting to straighten the wormy legs, holding me from falling on the slick ice. It has always been ever so beautiful and ever so hysterical.
3) Visits to the Christmas Lights
Suppose you squashed the idea of looking at the lights while ice skating. You could always take the alternate route of solely looking at the lights. Throughout the towns of Aspen and Snowmass, there are trees and homes which are accessorized with the declaration of illuminating joy. This is both a great sight and an everlasting memory for any person of any age.
2) Making Cookies/Baking
Turn on your favorite baking show and follow along. You can even construct a gingerbread mansion to win a baking contest with your family. If there ever was a time to disregard the prospect of a messy kitchen, it is now. Go for it. Do anything and everything to construct the perfect, individualized dessert that tastes exactly how it appears. This dessert or cookie may be paired with the hot chocolate previously discussed. Delightful and delicious!
1) Sledding
Every memory I have of sledding either results in a crash, or it didn’t happen. The snow flies into your face, causing a temporary lack of clear vision. Gliding down the hill, with a slight sentiment of fear as you wonder to yourself, ‘How am I going to stop?’ It is all a mystery and all part of the escapade. Crash or not, sledding is a combination of laughter and tears in the best way.