Are Your Dreams Telling You Something?

Scientists and psychologists tell us that dreams reveal critical aspects of ourselves. Dreams are a reflection of your recent state of mind, future possibilities, and changes that you have experienced. Believe it or not, your mind’s unconscious wandering could say a lot about your personality.

“Dreams don’t happen to us, we happen to them.” says Edinburgh-based dream psychologist Ian Wallace.
Below is a list of dreams that we all have most likely experienced, and what they mean.

Being chased: You’re anxious about something. You can’t seem to shake what’s behind you, chasing after you through these thick walls. You may possibly be worried about an upcoming event, or even avoiding something you don’t wish to face head-on. It could be a relationship quarrel, a new upcoming opportunity, or just a nasty feeling nagging at you. What are you avoiding?

Falling: Dreaming about falling tends to signify a loss of control over an important situation. “It also indicates fear, terror, and anxiety that comes out of losing grip over significant things;” says Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, M.D., a certified psychiatrist. The feeling of falling may represent a sense of helplessness. Often, tension is to blame.

Flying: Flying tends to represent freedom in dreams and an unconscious desire to free yourself from your problems. When you’re flying freely in your dreams, it seems to indicate that you could go anywhere. Your dream flight may be sending you a message that nothing is impossible. Don’t let this hold you back.

Showing up late: This dream can indicate that you are suffering under a weight of expectation that you feel you’re unable to live up to – whether in employment, from themselves, or in a relationship. The lateness represents an inability to reach the level expected of you.

Partner is cheating: To dream that your significant other is cheating on you, also indicates your fears of being abandoned. Your subconscious is concerned about the future and whether your significant other will be there for you. Maybe you’re even waiting for your partner to show signs of commitment, or they aren’t giving you enough of their time or attention.

Death: You’re onto a new chapter. Death in dreams can indicate some kind of change or ending you’re dealing with in your real life. The subconscious shows us a non-specific change in the form of death so we can better understand the finality of it. We can let go of that change which we no longer need so we can grow and embrace what is coming in the future.

Teeth falling out: If you have a dream about your teeth falling out, this may indicate that you’re dealing with some kind of loss such as an abrupt end to a relationship or a life change. This dream can also be accompanied by the feeling of being out of control and unorganized in your current state of life.

Naked in Public: You may have pent up anxiety about revealing, or have revealed your weaknesses or secrets. It indicates that the dreamer needs to consider whether these secrets are worth keeping and why being weak scares us. You’re showing signs of vulnerability; you feel some aspect of you is exposed to ridicule or disgrace.

Our dreams tell us a lot about ourselves and our personal well being. Now next time you’ll be able to decode your wild dreams.