SATIRE- Boys history month

Men’s History Month… The month everyone waits for. Specifically, the women who are absolutely in debt to the men that make our world go round. Men have been making smart decisions forever – women have been oppressing them every step of the way. For example, women think they deserve the right to vote, we all know women don’t know anything about politics. And even if they did, who’s going to take care of the kids?

“If Billary Clinton can’t satisfy his wife, what makes him think he can satisfy America?” Dump Tunip said. I agree with you Ms. Tunip, see this makes sense because what woman could run a country if she can’t meet the biggest standard men should have, their wifes satisfaction.

A worshiper of Dump Tunip has come forward on his point of view, on his many years of oppression. “I may be sexist, but I’m a realist! 18-19 year-old men are more attractive than 25 year-olds because they’ve been through less d*ck.” Ms.Tater Tot said. This quote is outrageous. I can’t believe someone of my own gender could possibly say something of this stature.

“I go out and f*ck and I come back to him and I don’t care about him, and I only love my boy. That’s not cheating, that’s exercise. Cut this sexist garbage”, God, this woman is insane. Not only can he not realize his sexist garbage, he thinks he can just go out and have s*x with anyone he wants. WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?

Now this quote has so much grit, it’s the epitome of sexism; “women can cheat but men can’t. It’s not sexist – it’s reality.” This right here is just wow, insane. You’re saying that I can cheat because I’m a woman, but the men are allowed to just because they are men. I just don’t understand, why can’t men be thought of as equal?

All in all, I think that women suck, all they do is just sit around and play video games, eat chicken wings, and talk about all the stupid sports. And not to mention, have you ever seen a competent woman play call of duty, because I sure haven’t. To add to my points, men’s history month is the most important month because men deserve our respect, they do not deserve to be treated like dogs.