Steve Sand Profile


Bo Melton

Steve Sand: Business Teacher, and Tennis Coach

Steve Sand business teacher has been known for his business teaching ethics and has a stronghold on tennis and it all started with a career choice of living a life of an accountant to a business teacher.
Sand was born and raised in the Chicago streets, he went to the University of Iowa and through breaks in life, he went skiing in Aspen. After college, he was apart of a CPA firm running his own business and living life. After skiing in Aspen and loving it so much he wanted to move to Aspen. In Aspen, he got a position as assistant coach to girls, boys tennis teams. After meeting the kids and getting to know them so well that is when he made a career change from an accountant to a business teacher at AHS.

Artie Munves, a senior at AHS, had IB economics last year with Steve. Munves has known Sand since his freshman year. They also spent ex ed together on Golf and Tennis.

“Steve Sand is a character,” Munves said. “He’s also great because he has a lot of connections in the business world. Which he has proven useful for all the business classes in high school especially the higher-level ones.”

Liam Sunkel, a student that is a varsity player on the tennis team, has had Steve Sand as his coach for all four years of high school.

“ I’m glad Steve Sand stepped up to the plate. I think he is a good coach. I like him, I think he is really good with the team, and he is a great leader. He knows all the kids, and everybody likes him. Everybody listens to him. He is a fun person. He has taught me to stay calm, and not get mad really,” Sunkel said.

“ An organized, and caring compassionate teacher,” those are the words of fellow business teacher Sheri Smith