AHS blasting off with Rocketbook

 This year, AHS did something new and gave each student and teacher a Rocketbook. The Rocketbook was given to students as a means of taking notes without wasting paper, as well as providing legible scans of homework in a timely and streamlined manner.

 The Rocketbook is essentially an erasable notebook. One is given an erasable pen, specifically a Pilot Frixion pen, and can write on this book and erase it as would happen with a regular notebook. When they’re done with an assignment, one can scan it through the app; in the app, they are able to assign one of the seven symbols to certain places like their email, different folders in your google drive, etc. Once one;s assignment is sent, they can simply spray water on the Rocketbook and wipe it clean with the towel provided.

Many students like to use the Rocketbook because it uses a lot less paper, thus making it environmentally friendly.  Students also find it easier because all notes are accessible through Google Drive.

Other students don’t love the Rocketbook because they like to write things down and be able to physically flip the page and see what they wrote, so the Rocketbook method doesn’t work for them.

 The Rocketbooks that teachers receive are different from the ones the students got, in the way that they’re structured. Teachers use their Rocketbooks more for planning and scheduling of classes and meetings. 

Of course, there are some disadvantages to the Rocketbook. Many students, as well as teachers, have a set way of doing things. Students have a habit of how they like to take notes and do assignments, and teachers have certain ways they plan classes and write down what they need to do. For some people, this change has been difficult, so they aren’t using the Rocketbook.

While there are disadvantages, there are also a few advantages of using the Rocketbook, one of them being that it is environmentally friendly. The Rocketbook is reusable, so people aren’t buying and using so much paper. It is also an easier way for teachers to check work and grade assignments, especially through this weird time when school is online.