Gen Z 101

SATIRE– Born between 1995-2009, Gen Z is the iconic child of Gen X. Also known as the ‘iGen’, we grew up in an electronic world, where toddlers knew how to operate an iPhone better than their parents.
We are the influencers, the non-conforming, and non-basic Gen Zers. We’re the ones that post for everything and stand for nothing because it’s fax that we’re highkey chill g’s.
We see COVID-19, and the Black Lives Matter movement as the two most impactful events of our lifetimes. Centennials are less optimistic about the future than previous generations but increasingly believe we can shape it, on track to be the most educated generation in history.
We’re those mad fine salt bae, woke VSCO girls, gucci with tfw we change the world IRL, no cap.
If you understood that, then you hit different, you fire simp. If not…refer to the updated, very relevant, and completely accurate-all-the-time dictionary of terms below because yolo:
Bet: a thing that one cool kid says to sound cool when agreeing with someone; short for ‘fo sho’, or for sure.
Ollie: “Hey babe, wanna go sneak off campus and then come right back because there’s not enough time?”
‘Liv: “ight bet!”

ight: alright for lazy people, commonly used by gangsters/hippies/skater boys-but very fun to use nonetheless.
Jack: I’m gonna go climb up that hill.
Jill: ight.

Glow up: when that girl who was low-key kinda unattractive in middle school comes to sophomore year and all the boys go: she’s fireeee
Duck to ugly duckling after becoming swan: damnnn girl you glowed up!

Like: word you put in every sentence instead of breathing or stopping to talk, that way you can think of what you’re going to say when you’re saying it.
Jamal: “I know like every time I like go to like school I remember the like campus and people and like how much I hate that they like banned open campus it’s like not like ok.”

Boujee: a way to describe those vsco girls who buy designer clothes/bags/shoes to try and be more popular…rarely works and definitely not recommended. They might be swag, but they too elite to know.
Sassy girl: “Look at her Gucci bag, she’s soooo boujee and materialistic”

Fax: a way of saying ‘facts’, or true.
Sophomore about freshman: “Those boys be sus.”
Secretly freshman friend: “Fax bro, fax.”

Cap: lies, false information, and the opposite of fax. Calling someone out on their ‘cap’; can be represented with a ‘?’ emoji.
Someone who doesn’t want to do online school: “My wifi’s down, no cap!”
In person peeps: *roll eyes because they smell cap and still have to do school*

Leaving someone on read / opened: when you really don’t want to talk to someone or they snap you a black screen, leave them on ‘read’/opened/seen to end the convo.
Gf “Ugh, that guy I really like left me on read, and now I can’t talk to him because otherwise I’d double snap him!”
*time passes*
Gf: “Oh look we’re dating now-I’m gonna spam him for life!”

Hmu: acronym for “hit me up,” which could refer to hanging out, texting, or talking on the phone. Usually used by those boys who think you like them back for no apparent reason:
That boi: “Hey bb hmu when ur free.”
‘Baby’: “Hell nah.” *yeets boi into space*

Highkey: opposite of lowkey, more straight up and definitive. Synonym for ‘mad’.
Alex: *shows Kash shoes on Nike drop*
Kash: “Those are gonna be highkey/mad hard to cop.”

Hits different: a positive phrase that emphasizes how good something is, but in a more chill manner.
Bruh: “I know you wanna go to Moonbucks, but Large Swathe just hits different.”

Iconic: something that is highkey influential or unique and very cool. Like seniors, and all those people who only wear white AF1…kinda.
Ginny: *rocks crocs to school*
Everyone else: “Danggg girl you ICONIC!” *wears crocs next day*

Lit: when something is amazing or popping; synonym for dank.
Christyn: “Bruh, did u see that new house, it was lit!”
Max: “Nah bro, it was fire.” *smirks*
Christyn: “Cap, it was so chill.”
Max: “Fam, that house was LITERALLY on fire. It was lit and it burned down!!”

Fam: like bro/bruh for close friends.
Jack: “What’s gucci fam? Any vsco girls stress you about chedder?”

Low-Key: used to describe one’s thoughts, desires, or feelings subtly; opposite of highkey.
Everyone who possibly can: “I think I’m lowkey just gonna skip crew today…oh you can drive-perf!”

Fire: Describes something that is really good or cool/popping/lit.
Jason: that sweatshirt is fireeeeeee
Cass: thanks fam, it’s obey.

Goals: term used to describe what someone wants in their life (i.e., “Couple goals, squad goals” etc…).
*gram post of two bros*
Bro 1: *tags gram post “#Couple Goals”*
Bro 2: “Yo homie, I got a girlfriend…”

Simp: someone who is trying too hard and doing too much for someone they like.
Kyle: *sends fire girl 100 snaps, likes EVERY gram post, and makes a picpoc about her*
Homie: “Bruh, cut the cap and stop simping. She has a boyfriend.”

Slaps: positive term for anything cool, synonym for fire.
“Chaili D’s new song ‘Down’ really slaps.”

Slide Into Their DMs: when that one person sends you a flirty snap/dm
Fire girl: “That boi sus, why he in my dms?” *ghosts sus boi*

Sus: short for “suspicious.” Reference to the game “Among Us.”
Kim: “Who’s that old white man who keeps walking around the school?”
Katy: “I don’t know, but he’s very sus.”

Everyone wants to be us, those dank, boujee, lit, sus 12-24 year olds that most certainly are goals for everyone because we slap. So hmu if you like the cut g, because we’re about to take over the world with our dankness.