Top 10 things to go in a breakout room

SATIRE– Ever find yourself in a breakout room, practically scratching your eyes out due to boredom. Does your partner have their camera off? Are you even participating? Most likely not. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this here are ten most effective ways to make the most out of the dreaded breakout room.

1. ) Redecorate your room.
There’s nothing better than good ambience.

2.) Cook a five course meal.
Learn to cook or watch the Great British Baking Show, it’s something to keep you occupied.

3.) Learn how to paint.
Follow a Bob Ross or a North West tutorial! They’re easy!

4.) Learn a new language.
We all want to be bilingual.

5.) Take a trip.
You can send your breakout room partner a postcard!

6.) Get a degree.
Use your brain a little, you’re clearly not using it in this breakout room.

7.) Climb mount everest.
The climb up isn’t as excruciating as this breakout room.

8.) Write a book.
Write an autobiography about your life, it can’t be any more boring than this breakout room.

9.) Become famous.
The person in your breakout room doesn’t want to listen to you, but the world might.

10.) Become a professional sports player.
Burn some calories and become a pro you’ve got the time

Bonus 11.) Introduce yourself to your breakout room group.

In a virtual world, real world connections are so important. Just kidding that’s too difficult!