Clouds are not real movement has arrived


Mad Lad

The birds are always watching

SATIRE –The Birds Aren’t Real movement has proven to be the most principled and trustworthy movement of 2022. However, the U.S. Government has been keeping a major part of this concealed.

The majority of the United States population buys into the Birds Aren’t Real movement. However, they are brainwashed by the government and unaware of the truth. Aspen is the first city to discover the depth of this situation. The Clouds Aren’t Real movement has taken the world by storm as it has revealed the U.S. Government’s biggest mistake yet.

How did the Birds Aren’t Real movement start?

The C.I.A. was founded in 1947, its purpose was to hold the responsibility to watch Americans suspected of communist activities. As communism was suspected to rise, more cameras were needed. These security cameras were used, but they didn’t reach their full potential.

The first civilian director of the C.I.A. met with President Eyesontower to discuss putting cameras in the sky to get a better overall view of people. Their solution needed to be able to have the capability to track people wherever they were. This led to the obvious solution: robotic birds, which required terminating the entire bird population.

The CIA developed a specific type of poison to undergo the killings. The poison, CIA-19, was shot into the air through tanks, giving the birds a virus that spread rapidly from bird to bird. This happened between 1959 and 1971. However, this virus reached much further.

How does this relate to clouds?

Birds weren’t the only victim of this deadly virus. Due to the close proximity of the birds to the clouds mid-migration, this virus spread to the clouds. CIA-19 has taken longer to settle in with clouds compared to birds. With the spread of CIA-19 in the clouds, water droplets have been experiencing symptoms such as congestion in the water cycle.

The water cycle is made up of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation (rain, snow, or sleet falling from the sky). However, precipitation from these clouds has been declining in recent years, something we are only starting to pick up on now.

How was this discovered in Aspen? How does this relate?

Snowfall in the past years has been inconsistent. The declining snowfall has made winter activities harder, such as skiing and snowboarding, in Aspen and throughout Colorado.

The lack of snowfall is actually one of the many impacts of CIA-19 in the clouds. The government is covering this up by calling it “climate change” and “global warming,” when in reality, it is just a coverup from a C.I.A. mishap.

Local ski bums in Aspen were furious about the lack of snow. After digging deeper into this, they connected the dots and found the Clouds Aren’t Real movement. This movement is the newest and biggest movement of 2022 so far.

It is essential for everybody to learn about this movement, as it is the first step to get our snow back and settle the rumors about climate change.