And sugar, we’re going down swinging


Photo by Aja Schiller

The Cafe after hours when the new sugar policy was implemented.

The AHS cafeteria staff and administration has made the decision to cut out all possibly addictive foods from the cafe and hot lunch menus. The majority of the products previously sold are no longer offered.

The only food products left now are almond packets and water bottles, and the water bottles will be going soon due to the Earth Club’s efforts to eliminate plastic consumption in the school. Sharon Mulfruit, AHS principal, fully supports this ban on addictive foods and backed the district office up when angry parents complained in a meeting.

“We have banned all food that we deem addictive. This started when we first stopped letting students sell coffee in the mornings, but an anonymous source brought it to our attention that many other foods, particularly anything with sugar in it, is addictive too,” Mulfruit said in the meeting, “We just want the best for our students and their health, and starting off their teenage, and for some adult, lives with a caffeine addiction is not beneficial. In addition to banning nearly everything from the cafe, we have also banned skill based apps due to a study that said they can be addictive too.”

The students have not taken this ban on their cafe food lightly and have organized a petition to bring back their favorite treats. There are also daily protests at three A.M. Police have gotten involved, but can’t do anything as long as the students are non violent. During the protests, they have been offering free donuts if the students go home. Majority of the students accept the offer, but return the next night for more donuts and yelling. Some people think it may become an AHS  tradition.

Students are very clear about what they want, but the school is adamant on keeping the ban in place. Sucra Lose, an avid cafe food eater, wants her food back and is prepared to fight for it. Lose attends all of the early morning protests and is the founder of the petition to bring the food back.

“I am outraged. It started with the no coffee sales and now we only have cheap almonds! The school is pretending that it’s for our own good, but I don’t care!” said Lose, “I’ll eat cookies if I want to.” Lose has been arrested for shoving a croissant into a police officers uniform and now faces assault charges.

The district office is not budging on their decision. Updates are to come, but the future for the AHS cafe seems more bland than unsugared oatmeal.