Money Laundering 101, a new elective for highschoolers


Photo by Pope Hannah

Money Laundering 101 in action as students clean their dirty cash.

SATIRE– As the school year is coming to an end, new classes are available for the fall semester of 2021. Students are eager to select classes that have never been offered before that provide useful skills and foster the success of each student.

One of the new classes which has some parents worried, Money Laundering 101, is a year long course that teaches students the most efficient and effective ways to launder money. Money laundering is a way many illegal businesses, such as drug trafficking, turn profits from illegal sales into cash that can be used without suspicion. The course looks at different examples of money laundering; from restaurants to laundromats, students will learn about the act of putting dirty money back into the system.

The new course has received some backlash from parents complaining that the course Is “inappropriate for a school setting.” Due to the increase in Artificial intelligence many have lost their job and businesses are struggling. With financial support from drug lords making millions of dollars weekly, this could be the answer to struggling businesses.

Aspen high school’s very own business teacher Steve sandman made a comment as to why this class was put in order in the first place.

“Illegal businesses will be around forever, with the consistent income from illegal activity, the need for more experts in money laundering is needed now more than ever.” Sandman explained

Despite the repercussions, money laundering 101 is set to be a new course for the year of 2021-2022.