Food and Wine, potential COVID-19 danger?


Photo courtesy of Ann Larie Valentine

The Food and Wine Festival 2021 in Aspen, Colorado

This year, Food and Wine, the annual festival where tourists come to experience different cuisines and a variety of alcoholic beverages, was held from September 10 to September 12. Due to Coronavirus, Food and Wine featured more restrictions than in previous years.

In order to stay safe during the pandemic, officials at the event either checked vaccination cards or required a recent negative COVID-19 test before getting on shuttles. For event volunteers, the festival required a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination as well, and the festival encouraged all volunteers to wear masks while they were working.

Jane Larsen, a French teacher at Aspen High School, volunteered for the Food and Wine Festival this year and felt that the festival was very safe in regards to the pandemic.

“I heard that they usually sell 5000 tickets, and this year they only sold 2500 tickets,” Larsen stated.

Food and Wine has been held in Aspen for over 40 years now and brings in tourism for local businesses. Larsen mentioned the benefit of having Food and Wine in the fall, instead of in the summer, as the Snowmass Balloon Festival was also happening around the same time, and could bring in even more tourists.

“I just think it brings a lot of people into the community, which is good for our economy, you know, recovering from the pandemic,” Larsen said.