Renaming Reality TV

When you turn on your TV there are more than 1,000 channels to choose from. What types of shows do you put on when you want to put your feet up after a long day? This answer will come easy for some of you, but for others, it may take some more time. I am a sucker for reality TV, which is a huge controversy. Take a moment to think: Is reality TV actually as “real” as promised? I hope your answer is no, but if yes, can we swap lives for a few days?

Lauren Kinney

After watching multiple hours of reality TV, I think the genre needs a name change. Not only is it a bland and basic word, but it is also purely incorrect. Generation X and the baby boomers are typically against reality TV. Whenever my parents come down the stairs and give a slight glance at the TV, they roll their eyes and begin a rant. The rant typically consists of points arguing that it is pointless, and that unrealistic standard rots your brain. Everything goes in one ear and out the other, but one thing sticks; “unrealistic standards.” I believe that if reality TV had a new name, the controversy would come to a close between the active viewers of reality shows and the anti-reality TV viewers. 

While creating a new name seems simple, it would create a new reality television era. I was lying in bed thinking about a new and approved name (ironically, watching season 2 of the Kardashians). At first, I was thinking about being straightforward with the viewers with the name. Something along the lines of “Absurd day-to-day lives that only the top 0.001 percent can live,” or, “Staged drama that gives influencers even more money than they need.” However, is too much honesty what the viewers really want? Maybe something along the lines of, “drama that will forever keep you entertained.” 

I find importance in renaming boring things, allowing them to be more realistic. I realized how hard it was, so I challenge you to come up with a new, creative name. But hey, don’t forget to thank me later when you become a multimillionaire!