WII sports



Club leaders brainstorming the next meeting

Wii Sports is the game that gets everyone excited. The gold strike across the screen, and the sound of the win in tennis is so rewarding. Generally played in 2nd-7th grade in abasement fort, Wii has recently come to AHS. Thanks to founders Haley Schmela and Meave Sheehan, WII Sports Club is now a part of AHS. Although they took a long hiatus until their first meeting, Wii Sports Club is now a key aspect of AHS.
Before the atrocity of Strass removing the Wii setup, the skier dome was filled with smiles and Mii’s. People would come in and out during lunch and free periods to exercise their bodies and bond with new people. Never before have students been so excited about a club at AHS. The school tries to exercise the importance of social, emotional, and physical health. Wii sports clubs complete all those boxes within 10 minutes of playing.
Although the leaders preach inclusion, there have been lethal tryouts for the “specialty sport.” Lunch became heated, but luckily no harm was done because the wrist straps were always on lock. I think Haley and Barns Eaton (Another club leader) unfairly created the teams. The varsity was mainly people who sucked up to the leaders, and JV was the hard-core people who poured their heart and soul into it. I was placed on JV, and I’m still processing this tragedy. Regardless of the placement, this club motivates me to wake up and go to school since my parents deprived me of Wii as a child.
One may think that student leaders are not serious about this club and rely on their teacher sponsor Diane Godfrey to carry their club. Schemla contacted Little Bites at the muffin company and asked for club snacks. Fortunately, they responded, and within a matter of days, four pallets of Little Bites were delivered to Glenwood. The members went down with two cars (that they thought were big enough) to pick up the order. To their surprise, there were over 700 boxes of little bites. Their cars were stacked to the brim, and they had to make a second trip down. There are still palettes down due to the overload of Little Bites. These sponsorships show their dedication to bettering the school and their spirits.
This club may be rigged in the placement process, but at least there are plenty of snacks! If you would like to get active during school, come to the club meetings at lunch. The club leaders announce the meeting, 5 minutes before so make sure to stay on your toes! Anyone is invited as a practice player and make sure to stop by the meetings that are held in the Skier dome.