New Resolutions for the Best New Year


Bentley Rager

AHS seniors Bentley Rager, Gaby Magana, and Marie Wolf rang in the New Year by watching fireworks in Wagner Park and spending time with good friends.

As the snow began to fall and the year quickly drew to a close, the students of AHS and the residents around town came together to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year. The town was aglow with street lights and fireworks. Tourists bustled through the streets, anxious to experience Aspen in all of its glory. As the last seconds of 2014 ticked away, I thought I could hear the different thoughts from the many members of the crowd watching the exploding sky in Wagner Park.

Each year many of us vow to ourselves that we will be healthier, kinder, and all around “better” in general. We promise ourselves that this year we’ll take risks, that this year we’ll be the best we can be. However, as the year progresses, it becomes harder and harder to maintain this new image of ourselves. It becomes difficult to choose between doing what is right and doing what is easy. I am just as much a human as the next person, so I know that the year gets long and that there will always be those moments when you want to toss your resolutions out of the window.

But it has occurred to me that we repeat the same routine every year. We make resolutions, we follow through on them for a couple of weeks, and then something causes us to “temporarily ignore” our resolutions and they no longer apply after that. I don’t want to belittle the idea of New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t think that anyone should; I just have to wonder how long it will be before we actually fulfill our resolutions.

So I have some advice for those that have encountered the same problem as me:

1. Make your resolutions realistic.

An example of what this wouldn’t look like is, “This year I am never going to be sarcastic…” It is clear how this resolution would be ignored and not given a second thought until the next New Year’s, when we optimistically say to ourselves that we’ll “really try this year.” Instead, try something along the lines of, “I am going to try my best to think before I use sarcasm, in order to avoid it.

2. Monitor how well you are keeping up with your resolutions.

This does not mean that you have to constantly remind yourself of your resolutions or get frustrated when you have a slip-up… I don’t want anyone to go crazy. A weekly or monthly check-up is a good option for those who are trying to maintain their resolutions without getting too caught up in the whole affair.

3. Make a resolution with a friend.

   It is so much easier to achieve a goal with a friend because you can rely on one another to keep each other on track. If you start to go astray, your friend can call you out on it to keep you in line.

4. Tell people about your resolutions.

   If you want to keep your resolutions relatively private, but still want that extra support that comes from someone offering you a friendly reminder, tell your resolutions to only trusted friends or family members. Much like making a resolution with a friend, they will help you stay on track.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you accidentally slip-up.

We can’t control everything, and it is hard to stay on top of your resolutions. It is okay to mess up and cut yourself some slack every now and then. Don’t let this become a habit, but also don’t get angry if things don’t pan out exactly as you want them to in the year ahead.

This year, it is important to remember that we’re all human and we’re bound to make mistakes. Things are going to get hard and they won’t always be perfect. The point of having a resolution is not to instigate change overnight, but to become a better version of yourself by having a goal. These goals aren’t meant to put you down or make the year harder, they’re just there to remind you that a new year means new beginnings, and that we all deserve a second chance.

Fireworks set the night sky ablaze as the 2014 slipped into the past and 2015 became the best present of the year.
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Fireworks set the night sky ablaze as the 2014 slipped into the past and 2015 became the best present of the year.